How to Fix Outlook Mac Error Code 3253

Lately, Mac users reported having problems while using Outlook on their computers. Whenever the users try to send a mail, they continuously get an Error code 3252 with the message saying “Connection to the Server failed or was dropped.” This Error restricts Mac Outlook users from sending emails, while they are still able to receive emails. After hitting the send button, the emails go to the outgoing box. But they stay there with a forever-pending status and the code error 3253. What is even more frustrating is the fact that this error occurs suddenly, without giving you any warning. That leaves you clueless about the reasons why this error happens and how can you solve it.

An error like these can create a hurdle in your email communication. In fact, it can affect the overall productivity of your business in a significant way if not solved properly. After a little research, we found a method that fixes this problem successfully. In this article, you can find the steps for performing that method which can solve the Outlook error code 3252 on your Mac.

The Cause For Outlook Mac Error Code 3253

Before performing the steps for solving the problem let’s look at the responsible factors that occur the 3253 error. It usually happens at the time of failed connection to the server. That generates an issue for the user who wants to send emails.

The huge number of sent emails may be one possible reason why the 3253 error happens. Having a large sent emails folder puts additional stress on the server-client communication and may result with disconnections.

Another cause may also be the inaccurate setup of Outlook account on the client’s computer. However, this may be easily fixed by entering the right information.

The cause that is most likely happens in the majority of cases is a damaged or corrupted Outlook for Mac.

No matter what the cause for your Outlook 3253 error is, in the next part you can find the working solution that helped many of our readers. So, it could also help you in solving the Outlook error.

Outlook Mac Error Code 3253 – Solution

To fix the Outlook error code 3253 on your Mac follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Terminal app on your Mac. You can do it by clicking the Spotlight search glass at the top right corner and typing terminal.
  2. Now typedefaults delete” without the quotes in Terminal. This command will delete your old Outlook preferences.
  3. Typekillall cfprefsd” without the quotes in Terminal. This will kill the cached preferences.
  4. And finally, Launch Outlook.

In order try to test if the method worked, try sending a mail from your Outlook. It should work without any problems.

Final Words

Outlook is a highly used email platform and is available for various operating systems. Numerous users access their emails on Outlook for Mac, and having a seamless experience using this email client is a must-have. The Appauls team always focus on solving various problems our readers report. So, if you are facing the Outlook error code 3253, feel free to try this method and share your experience in the comment section below. Additionally, if you are aware of another fix for this problem do not be shy to share it with us.


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