Fix: NVIDIA Capture Server Proxy

Many users after downloading Geforce experience may notice a service on their task manager named as “NVIDIA Capture Server Proxy”. Because of its name, many people were concerned if it was a potentially harmful application and whether it will get them banned or not.

Is it a Suspicious File?

NVIDIA Capture Server Proxy is not at all suspicious software. NVIDIA has always been notorious for pushing the limits when it comes to developing additional services and processes for its dedicated drivers. If you see your task manager, you will find around 10 different services running. This process is responsible for features such as Streaming from Nvidia Geforce and Shadowplay overlay. It’s also responsible for Game Streaming services.

How can I Stop this Process?

You can easily verify and stop all the processes related to this service by following the listed steps. This should properly end these processes. However, you might not be able to use functions such as Streaming from Shadowplay and other streaming services Nvidia Provides.

  1. Launch your Task Manager by pressing ⊞ Win + R button. This should pop up the Run Application.
  2. In the dialogue box write “taskmgr”. This should open up the task manager.
  3. Check the task manager for NVIDIA-related processes.

        4. Here you might see two processes namely NVIDIA Streamer Service and NVIDIA Streamer User-Agent. So what are they used for? They are designed so that you can stream games from your PC to NVIDIA Shield devices. There is practically no need to have these processes running in your Windows. It makes sense to disable them to improve your gameplay because additional memory will be available to you.

        5. Click your Windows button and in the search bar type “msc”. Click on the program which returned in the search result.

6. Browse for NVIDIA Streamer Service and click on it. A window will come forth consisting of details of the process. In the service status area, click on “Stop”. A prompt will come forward asking you to confirm the action. Press OK.

7. We are not done yet, click on the “Startup Type” dialogue box and select “Disabled”. This will ensure that this service won’t start itself like it was doing so before. Click on Apply changes and exit.

Will I get banned if this file is running?

No, you won’t get banned if this process is running in your background. You can safely ignore it as it runs in the background and its official service. It’s a well-known service for Anti-cheat systems and you won’t get banned if it’s running in the background. However, if this process is taking up huge chunk of your gaming resources we suggest you to disable it by following the steps shown above.


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