Fix: Logitech Mouse Double Clicking

Logitech manufactures computer peripherals which are used throughout the world and are known for their quality without coming with a heavy price tag. Despite the company having intensive expertise in manufacturing mice and keyboards, there are several reports by users who complain that their mouse double-clicks instead of a single one when using.

Logitech Mouse

This behavior is seen in both cases; new mice and older ones (over a year). This problem is officially recognized by Logitech and Microsoft and both have provided soft workarounds to solve the issue. In this article, we will go through all the potential fixes and see if we can fix your mouse.

What causes Logitech Mouse to Double Click?

The double-click problem for different mice has been here for quite some time. It is a known fact that many mice end their lives after demonstrating this issue when they are used for quite some time. To sum up, here are some of the reasons why your Logitech mouse might double-click instead of a single one.

  • Hardware problem: We came across several scenarios where the mouse was double-clicking instead of a single one because of hardware problems and such problems might also cause your scroll wheel to jump instead of scrolling. We can try to fix this but there are no guarantees.
  • Mouse settings: Your mouse settings might be set to double-click instead of a single one. This feature has been in Windows for quite some time and may give you an illusion that there is a problem with your mouse.
  • Accumulated static charge: If the mouse is used intensively for large amounts of time, the static charge might get accumulated which may cause the issue.
  • Spring is loose: The spring inside the clicking mechanism might have gotten loose with use over time. We can try to remedy this but there are no guarantees it will work.
  • Driver problems: The drivers installed on your computer might not be working properly. They might be corrupt or outdated and in addition to causing this issue, this can also prevent the Logitech software from launching.

Before moving on with the solutions, make sure that your mouse is not broken physically. If some component is broken after falling down etc. you will not be able to fix it using any solution.

Note: Before proceeding, you should try plugging the mouse to other computers. This will help identify whether this is a problem with the settings stored in Windows or a hardware issue.

Solution 1: Checking Mouse Settings

There is a high probability that the mouse settings set on your computer are not set correctly and because of them, you double-click unintentionally. The mouse will be working properly; its behavior will be changed just because of the change in settings in Windows. We will check each setting one by one and see if tweaking them fixes the issue.

  1. Press Windows + R, type “control” in the dialogue box and press Enter. Once in the control panel, select Large icons present at the top-right side of the screen. Now select the option Mouse.
Mouse option – Control Panel
  1. Now move the slider of double-click speed to the very lowest.
Reducing double-click speed

Now check if your issue is resolved. If you still face the double-click scenario, you can try checking another setting.

  1. Press Windows + S, type “single click” in the dialogue box and open the control panel option Specify single-or double double-click to open which returns in the results.
Specify single-or double double-click to open – Windows search
  1. Navigate to the General tab and underneath the heading of Click item as follows, check the option Double-click to open an item (single click to select).
Enabling Double-click to open an item (single click to select)
  1. Press Apply to save changes and exit. Now restart your computer properly and check if the issue resolved.

Solution 2: Checking for Static Charge

According to our user reports, there are also several instances where the mouse after being used for long periods of time might develop a static charge. This may cause it to double-click instead of a single one. We will follow a very simple method to discharge all the static charge and see if this fixes the issue.

  1. Turn off the mouse and remove the batteries from it.
Power cycling mouse
  1. Now repeatedly press the two buttons on the mouse for around 30 seconds to 1 minute.
Clicking mouse simultaneously
  1. Plug everything back in and check if the issue is resolved.

Solution 3: Checking Mouse Drivers

If both the above methods don’t work, we can try updating or installing your mouse drivers all over again. This will refresh the entire configuration of your mouse and it will appear on your system as if it just was installed. All the saved preferences will also be lost.

  1. Press Windows + R, type “devmgmt.msc” in the dialogue box and press Enter.
  2. Once in the device manager, expand the category of “Mice and other pointing devices”, locate your mouse, right-click on it and select Uninstall device.
Uninstalling Mouse driver
  1. After uninstalling, unplug your mouse. Take out the batteries and wait for a few minutes before plugging everything back in.
  2. Now you can either navigate to Logitech’s official website to download the drivers from there or let Windows update get the drivers for you automatically. Check if this solves the issue.

Solution 4: Filing a Warranty Claim to Logitech

If you have a warranty period on your mouse and the above steps still don’t fix the double-clicking issue, you can file a warranty claim. There were numerous users who reported that their mouse started double-clicking soon after they started their mouse. Apparently, this is a widespread problem with Logitech mice.

Logitech Warranty claim website

To file a warranty claim, you need to navigate to the official Logitech Warranty Claim website and submit an application with proper serial numbers and product descriptions.

Solution 5: Trying to Repair the Spring

If you do not have a warranty on your mouse, we can try fixing the spring on your mouse clicking mechanism. Each button has a small click mechanism present underneath the body of the mouse which gets clicked when you press the button. It is possible that the spring inside that mechanism is either loose or broken.

Do note that this might dismantle and render your mouse useless if you do not perform the steps as listed so proceed with extreme care.

  1. Locate the screws underneath the mouse and unscrew the body from the mouse. After the body is unscrewed, remove the body carefully without disturbing the internal architecture.

Note: You might need to remove the protective covering over the screws to open it.

Removing body of mouse
  1. Now you need to locate the click mechanism which is causing the problem. In this case, either right or left-click might not be working. Notice the white button on top. When we remove the casing, this will fall off so be careful.
Locating problematic click mechanism
  1. Now we need to remove the black casing of the click mechanism. To open the cover, you can use a flat head screwdriver and gently lift the cover away from the latch. This will help remove the cover slightly so you can do the same at the backside.
Removing black casing of click mechanism
  1. Now we move on to the source of the problem. The sprint you see here is the mechanism which performs the click. You need to remove the small copper spring inside the click mechanism.
Removing small copper spring
  1. Now you need to use the screwdriver as shown in the picture to bend the curve while holding it down with your finger so a proper curve is established. This will create more tension when it is used in operation.
Establishing a proper curve
  1. Now comes the tedious part. You need to reinstall the tension spring by attaching it to the small hook at the front of the mechanism, as shown in the picture. Then use the flat head screwdriver to push the curved tab into place while keeping the rear of the spring under the small arm at the rear of the mechanism. Pay special attention to the arrows labeled in the second picture (these are the points you need to focus to or the mouse will not operate).
Reinstalling tension spring
  1. Now we are ready to reassemble the click mechanism. First, install the tiny white button (preferably with tweezers). Hold the cover with one hand and with the other, place the body upside down as shown and connect it.
Reassembling click mechanism
  1. Before you put back the entire body, make sure that you give a few clicks test. If it is clicking properly, you can reassemble the entire body. Now try connecting to the computer and check if the issue is resolved.

Note: These steps are advanced and might require a lot of patience. They cannot be performed by an average user in danger of rendering the mouse useless.


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