Fix: GoPro SD Card Error

Owners of GoPro experience the error “SD Card Error” when they insert an SD card onto the camera and try to operate it. This error message has been in the devices for quite some time and GoPro even released an official documentation to help the users.

GoPro SD Card Error
GoPro SD Card Error

This error message mostly takes light if you haven’t inserted the SD card correctly, the type isn’t compatible, or the card is not formatted correctly (is corrupted). In the majority of the cases, users were not able to use an SD card which they were able to use perfectly in the past. This is mostly an indication of the SD card getting corrupt when transferring files.

What causes GoPro SD Card Error?

The reasons why you might experience this error in more detail are:

  • The card is incorrectly inserted. If the card is inserted backward or is not fully inserted (clicked into place), you will experience this error message. Make sure it is inserted without being extended outside the camera.
  • The card is corrupt or of an unsupported format. This is the most common reason for this error. Cards seem to get seized up even if you are switching cards between different cameras.
  • The card inserted isn’t the correct type. Not all cards are supported by GoPro cameras because of varying read/write speed.

Before we move with the solution, make sure that you have an SD card reader along with a computer so we can insert and format easily.

Solution 1: Formatting the SD card in the computer

The first and foremost thing to do when resolving this error is to backup/retrieve your pictures or videos. You can use software available or enable ‘hidden’ files and then copy all the existing data to another directory. After you are done with the backup/retrieval, follow the steps below to format.

  1. Connect your SD card to the SD card reader and plug it inside the computer. Now when the SD card pops up, attempt at retrieving the items which are recognized as media files by your computer.
Copying files to computer WIndows 10
Copying media to computer from SD card
  1. Now we will format the SD card from your computer. Press Windows + E to launch Windows Explorer and click on This PC from the left navigation bar. Now locate the SD card entry, right-click it and select Format.
Formatting SD Card - File Explorer
Formatting SD Card – File Explorer
  1. Once the card is formatted, remove it from your computer and insert it into the camera. Make sure that the camera is turned off when you insert.

Solution 2: Formatting SD through GoPro and restoring default settings

Another thing to try before we move to check the internal specifications of your SD card is to format your SD card, not through a computer but using GoPro itself. Inside this solution, we will also format all the settings stored inside the camera.

  1. Open your GoPro camera press the power button until you reach the entry of Setup. Once in setup, press the top button to enter.
  2. Now use the power button again to scroll down to the garbage can icon. Now tap the top button to open it.
  3. Now use the power button again to select the second option ‘All /Format’. Now tap the top button to enter the menu.
  4. After confirming all your actions, the SD card will be formatted.
Formatting SD Card in GoPro to solve SD Card error
Formatting SD Card in GoPro
  1. After the SD card is formatted, navigate back to the menu and select RESET CAM. Press the top button to select it. From the next menu, select RESET DFLTS
  2. Now confirm your actions by clicking Reset from the next menu. Your camera will now be reset with all the settings set to default. Now check if the error message is resolved.
Resetting Camera settings in GoPro
Resetting Camera settings – GoPro

Solution 3: Checking your SD Card specifications

If both the above methods don’t work and your GoPro still cannot recognize your SD card correctly, we need to check if the SD card is even compatible with your hardware. Furthermore, you should plug another card in your device and see if that works.

List of all supported SD Cards - GoPro official
List of all supported SD Cards – GoPro official

If other SD cards are working without any issues whatsoever, you should check the specifications of the card and see if the read/write is supported by the camera. You can check the list of all SD cards which work with GoPro from the official website linked.


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