Fix: Documents.library-ms is not working

The error “Documents.library-ms is no longer working” is encountered when the user clicks on the default Windows library. This is typically a sign that the library has become corrupt.

Most users have reported that the issue first started occurring after their security suite managed to remove a virus or another type of malware.

Keep in mind that this particular issue is not solely restricted to the Documents library. The same error can occur when you try to open another library such as Music, Pictures or video:

  • “Music.library-ms” is no longer working.
  • “Pictures.library-ms” is no longer working.
  • “Videos.library-ms” is no longer working.

Whenever this error occurs, you’ll get the following error message stating that the library is no longer working properly:

Documents.library-ms is no longer working.

This library can be safely deleted from your computer.  Folders that have been included will not be affected.”
If you’re currently struggling to resolve the issue, we have a resolution for you. Below you have a fix that has helped users in a similar situation to resolve the issue. Please follow the steps below in order until you manage to get your Documents library working again.

How to fix  the“Documents.library-ms is no longer working” error

The fix for this particular problem involves deleting the misbehaving library and then restoring the default library. Although this might seem like a drastic fix, deleting and then recreating the libraries will not delete or affect the data stored in them. This means you won’t lose any stored .docs or any type of files that are currently stored in the Documents library.

Follow the guide down below to delete and recreate the Documents library:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and select the libraries folder.
    Note: If you don’t see the libraries folder by default, access the View tab in the ribbon at the top, select the Navigation pane and check the box associated with Show libraries.
  2. With the Libraries folder selected, right-click on the libraries that are triggering the “Documents.library-ms is no longer working” error and choose Delete.
    Note: If you have multiple libraries that are corrupted and exhibiting the same behavior, delete all of them.
  3. Once all the corrupted libraries have been deleted, right-click on the Libraries folder and click on Restore default libraries.

That’s it. Your libraries will shortly be recreated and all the data that was contained in them should become accessible shortly through Windows File Explorer. If for some reason they don’t appear straight away, reboot your computer. After the next startup, the normal functionality of the various library should be resumed.


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