How to Find Someone’s Storefront on Amazon App [2024]

Key Takeaways
  • Amazon storefronts are dedicated spaces where sellers and influencers curate collections of products based on specific themes, interests, or recommendations.
  • There are are 2 kinds of storefronts, regular storefronts created by sellers or brands, and influencer storefronts curated by influencers who partner with Amazon.
  • You can access Amazon storefronts by visiting the Amazon website or using the Amazon app and searching for storefronts related to your interests.

In the world of online shopping, Amazon offers a feature called Storefronts where brands and influencers show their favorite products. If you’re wondering how to find these curated collections on the Amazon app, let’s walk through it together!

Finding storefronts on the Amazon app is pretty simple. It’s all about finding new and exciting products that match your style and preferences. Let’s dive in and explore how to uncover these personalized shopping experiences right at your fingertips!

What is Amazon Storefront

Amazon Storefront is a special feature on Amazon’s platform that allows brands, sellers, and influencers to create personalized pages showcasing their products and collections. It’s a dedicated space where customers can explore a selection of items and learn more about the brand or influencer.

Amazon Storefronts

Essentially, it’s a way for businesses and influencers to highlight their offerings and connect with customers in a more personalized manner.

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↪ Difference Between Regular & Influencer Storefronts

Regular Storefronts are created by brands and sellers to display their products and brand identity. Influencer Storefronts, on the other hand, are curated by influencers who partner with Amazon to show their favorite products and recommendations.

↪ Why to Use Storefronts

Amazon storefronts offer a curated shopping experience tailored to specific interests or themes. You can use them to maximize your shopping experience. Here are a few reasons you should be using them:

  • They provide a platform for sellers and influencers to showcase their products or recommendations in a visually appealing manner.
  • Storefronts can help customers discover new products and brands that align with their preferences.
  • They also offer curated collections of products tailored to specific themes, interests, or influencers’ recommendations.
  • Theyse storefronts help customers discover new products and brands that align with their preferences, enhancing the shopping experience.
Use Amazon storefronts for a personalized experience | Sell on Amazon
  • Storefronts provide personalized recommendations based on customers’ browsing history and preferences, making it easier to find relevant items.
  • By shopping through influencer storefronts, customers can support their favorite influencers while discovering products recommended by them.
  • Storefronts streamline the shopping process by presenting products in an organized and easy-to-navigate format, saving customers time and effort.
  • Some storefronts may offer exclusive deals, promotions, or content not available elsewhere, providing added value to customers.

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How to Find Storefronts on Amazon App

Here, we have described different ways of finding storefronts on the Amazon app.

↪ Prerequisites of Finding Storefronts on Amazon App

To find storefronts on the Amazon app, you’ll need to have:

↪ Method 1: Via the Shop by Department Option

To find a storefront on Amazon, you can use the below-mentioned process:

  1. Open the Amazon app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the menu icon located in the bottom right corner.
    Tap on the menu
  3. Now, select “Shop by Department.”
    Choose Shop by Department
  4. When you choose a particular category, you’ll see a curated selection of storefronts offering products within that category.
    Select any department

You can also use the search bar to find a specific storefront on the Amazon app. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Open the Amazon app.
  2. Tap on the Search bar located at the top of the screen.
    Tap on Search
  3. Enter the storefront name.
    Type the storefront name
  4. Review the search suggestions or results to find relevant storefronts matching your search criteria.

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↪ Method 3: Via Live Streams

If you are looking for an influencer storefront, you may find it through a live stream. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Launch the Amazon app on your mobile device.
    Open Amazon
  2. Enter “Live” into the search bar and select the Amazon Live option displayed.
    Select Amazon Live
  3. If you know the specific store name or the influencer storefront you’re seeking, you can directly input it into the search bar. Alternatively, if you prefer to explore by niche, click on the “Browse” button to view a categorized list of Amazon storefronts, such as Electronics, or Fitness.
    Amazon Live

↪ Method 4: Via #FoundItOnAmazon

Follow the below-mentioned procedure to find trending storefronts:

  1. Use the search bar on Amazon to look for “#FoundItOnAmazon.” This tool is designed to help you discover a variety of fashionable and trending items endorsed by popular influencers and creators.
  2. Choose a category of interest to view products handpicked by an Amazon Influencer or customer.
Use founditonamazon

Tips When Finding Storefronts on Amazon

Here are some tips to keep in mind when finding storefronts on Amazon:

  • Use Descriptive Keywords: Utilize specific keywords related to your interests or the type of products you’re looking for to narrow down your search results.
  • Explore Featured Storefronts: Look for featured or recommended storefronts on Amazon’s homepage or within specific product categories to discover curated collections.
  • Check Out Customer Reviews: Before purchasing from a storefront, take the time to read customer reviews and ratings to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Follow Influencers and Brands: Consider following influencers and brands whose recommendations align with your preferences to stay updated on their latest collections and offerings.
Use these tips to find storefronts | eStore Factory
  • Browse Niche Categories: Explore niche categories within storefronts to find specialized products that cater to specific interests or hobbies.
  • Compare Prices and Offers: Don’t forget to compare prices and check for any special offers or discounts available within different storefronts to make the most cost-effective purchasing decisions.
  • Look for Prime Eligible Products: If you’re a Prime member, prioritize storefronts offering Prime-eligible products to take advantage of fast and free shipping options.
  • Check Return Policies: Familiarize yourself with the return policies of storefronts and individual products to ensure a hassle-free return process in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

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Final Words

In conclusion, Amazon storefronts offer curated collections tailored to diverse interests and recommendations. They enhance the shopping experience by providing personalized suggestions and streamlined navigation. Whether exploring trends or supporting favorite influencers, storefronts make shopping enjoyable and convenient.

By utilizing the tips provided, navigating Amazon’s storefronts becomes effortless. Explore new brands, discover unique finds, and make informed decisions. Embrace the convenience and excitement of shopping with Amazon storefronts today. Happy shopping!


Can anyone create a storefront on Amazon?

Regular storefronts can be created by registered Amazon sellers, while influencer storefronts are typically available to influencers who join Amazon’s Influencer Program.

Are there any benefits to shopping from storefronts?

Shopping from storefronts offers curated selections, personalized recommendations, and sometimes exclusive deals or discounts.

Do storefronts offer exclusive deals or discounts?

Some storefronts may offer exclusive deals or discounts to customers, but this varies depending on the storefront and its promotions.

Can I return items purchased from a storefront?

Yes, items purchased from storefronts are generally subject to Amazon’s standard return policies.

Are there any fees associated with storefront purchases?

There are no additional fees associated with purchasing from storefronts beyond standard Amazon product prices and shipping costs.

How can I become an Amazon influencer and create my own storefront?

You can apply to join Amazon’s Influencer Program, where you can create your own storefront after meeting certain eligibility criteria and being accepted into the program.


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