How to Fix FIFA 22 Career Mode Not working?

FIFA 22 is the clearest evidence so far that EA is prioritizing the online modes (as that’s where most of their revenue comes from) in their soccer series to the detriment of Career Mode. This single-player mode is filled with bugs and issues that make the experience a nightmare for some players. 

Fifa 22 Career mode not worikng

Issues related to this single-player mode spawn across different platforms (PC and consoles), so we’ve made a list of the biggest issues and featured a series of fixes that will make the experience more enjoyable for you.

Here’s a list of problems along with the fixes that you should apply in case you’re experiencing Career Mode issues with Fifa 22:

  • FIFA 22 Save bug – Perhaps the most important issue that this game mode is plagued by is the ‘save bug’. For some players, the save menu just never comes up, so they are NOT able to save the game data all. In this case, you should be able to bring up the manual save interface by pressing X on Xbox and Square on Playstation.
  • ‘Coach is Disappointed’ Bug – If you’re lucky enough to be able to load your Career Mode save in Fifa 22 and you play as a player or player-coach, you might experience a weird bug where you continuously get a message from your coach saying that he is disappointed by your performance. In this case, you can fix the issue by simulating the beginning of the new season until the official games start. 
  • Cache issue – According to some Xbox players (Xbox One and Xbox Series), your career mode issues might actually be caused by a cache issue. If you’re playing the game on an Xbox console, you should be able to fix most launch problems by going into your console settings and clearing the cache of FIFA 22. On Playstation, you’ll need to do a power cycle.
  • Game corruption – In situations where the Career saves the game is not corrupted but you’re still unable to load it, chances are you’re dealing with some kind of corruption affecting your game files. This is much more prevalent on PC versions where the game was modded, but it can also occur for consoles too. In this case, the only solution is to reinstall the game.

Now that we went over every pressing issue that might end up affecting the single-player Career Mode of Fifa 22, let’s go over all the fixes that other affected users have successfully used to get to the bottom of this issue. 

1. Use the manually save interface

The most serious issue that this career mode is currently facing in FIFA 22, is the save mode bug. For some players, the saved career simply won’t open anymore – in this particular case, the problem can’t be solved as the save file has been corrupted.

Unfortunately, if you’re facing this issue, there’s no fix available other than starting a fresh Career (at least until EA finally decides to put a stop to this issue once and for all)

For others, when they try to save the game, the saving menu only comes up for a split second before vanishing giving the players no way to save.

If you’re facing this second issue, there’s a fix available that the community has found. You can access the manual save interface by pressing square on Playstation, X on Xbox, or by clicking the Save hyperlink on PC. 

Opening the Manual Save interface

This will help you bypass the issue in case the autosave function is broken on that particular Career mode.

If the scenario described above is not applicable in your case, move down to the next potential fix below.

2. Fix the ‘Coach is Disappointed’ Bug

If you’ve been unlucky enough to face the ‘coach is disappointed’ bug in FIFA 22, you’re probably annoyed by the continuous messages that you get every 2 days telling you that the performance of your player is not acceptable.

This issue seems to affect career modes where you play as a player or player-coach.

The crazy thing is that these messages seem to appear regardless of the player’s performance. Even if you train well, score goals, and average stellar appearances, the coach will still tell you that you need to play better in order to even be on the bench. 

If you face this issue, the easiest fix is to just simulate all of the pre-season and jump straight into when the official matches start. As a lot of affected users have confirmed, this puts a stop to the annoying messages and allows you to continue your player career normally.

Note: An additional way to fix this issue is to wait for the next international break and train well to get your manager rating approval up so that it subs you into your national team. Several users that faced this issue have confirmed that once they were subbed into their national team, the annoying messages stopped.

Fifa 22 National Team

UPDATE: Another way to fix this problem (in case the first two workarounds have failed), is to simply go into the Standings tab of the World cup and back to the home screen of your Career Mode. I know this sounds like a weird fix, but a lot of users have confirmed it to be effective. 

3. Clear the FIFA 22 Cache (Consoles Only)

If the first two fixes did not work in your case, the next thing you should troubleshoot is a potential issue associated with some kind of corruption affecting the game cache.

Several users that we’re also dealing with the same problem have confirmed that they managed to get the issue fixed by clearing the cache of the game. This fix is only reported to be successful on consoles.

Depending on the console where you’re playing the game, the instructions on clearing your cache will be different. Since there’s no direct way of clearing the cache on Playstation consoles, the closest thing you can do is a power-cycling procedure.

To get specific instructions that apply to your console of choice, follow one of the sub-guides below:

Clear Cache on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S

If you’re experiencing these career issues with FIFA 22 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, chances are you will be able to fix the issue simply by resetting the game’s cache:

  1. Start by pressing the Xbox button on your controller. 
  2. From the context menu that just appeared, access the My games & apps menu. 
    Access the My Games & Apps menu
  3. From the next context menu, choose Select All.
  4. Next, select the Games tab, then move over to the right-hand section and select FIFA 22 from the list of games.
  5. Next, press the Options menu, then access the Manage game and add-ons menu.
    Access the Manage Game menu
  6. From the dedicated menu of FIFA 22, navigate downloads and highlight Saved Data, then press X on your controller.
  7. From the FIFA 22 Saved data menu, hit Delete all, then confirm the operation and wait until the operation is complete.
    Delete the cached data of FIFA 22
  8. Launch FIFA 22 and see if you are now able to access Career Mode once again.

Power Cycle PlayStation 4

There’s no way to directly clear cached data on Playstation 4, so you’ll need to perform a power cycle instead.

Follow this procedure closely because the PlayStation 4’s power capacitors need a bit more time to clear themselves of energy: 

  1. When your PlayStation 4 console is fully turned on, press and hold the power button on your console until you physically hear the console fans turning off.

    Press the Power button on Ps4
  2. Once the console is turned off and you don’t hear any sound coming from it, unplug the power cord and wait for a minute or so to make sure that the power capacitors are drained completely. 
  3. Next, plug the power cord back into the outlet and start the console. 
  4. After the startup is complete, open FIFA 22 to see if you still get stuck on the loading screen. 

Power Cycle PlayStation 5

The process for PlayStation 5 is the same as the one before, but it takes more time until the power capacitors are drained completely. 

Here’s how to do this:

  1. With your console in idle mode, press and hold the power button on your console until you no longer hear any sounds coming from the PlayStation 5 console.

    Power button on Playstation 5
  2. Wait until the power light stops flashing, then unplug the power cord from the outlet.
  3. Leave the console for 20 minutes to make sure that the power capacitors are completely drained. 
  4. After the time has passed, plug the power cord back into the outlet and start the machine. 
  5. Finally, launch FIFA 22 and see if the career issue has been fixed.

If resetting the cache or performing a power cycle procedure didn’t fix the issue in your case, move down to the next potential fix below.

4. Reinstall the game (PC or Console)

The last thing you can do to fix your FIFA 22 stuck-on loading screen error is to uninstall, then install the game again.

By doing this you will install a clean version of the game without any corrupted files that might cause the error to occur. This operation is reported to be successful on both consoles and PC, but especially on PCs that previously ran a modded version of Fifa 22. 

Of course, the instructions on reinstalling FIFA 22 will be different depending on the platform that you’re using, we’ve created a series of sub-guides that will show you how to do this on every platform where FIFA 22 is available.

Follow the guide that’s applicable to your platform of choice.

Reinstall FIFA 22 on Xbox consoles

The reinstallation steps for FIFA 22 on last-gen consoles (Xbox One) and current-gen consoles (Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X) are basically identical. Follow the instructions below to uninstall the current version of the game and reinstall a clean one that might resolve your issues with the Career Mode of Fifa 22:

  1. Start by pressing the Xbox button on your controller, then go to My Games & Apps using the menu that just appeared.
    Accessing My Games and apps tab
  2. From the My Games & Apps menu, select the Games tab and locate FIFA 22.
  3. Next, highlight it and press the Start button on your controller.
  4. From the context menu that just appeared, select Uninstall, then hit the A button to confirm the uninstallation of the game.
  5. As soon as the game is uninstalled completely, reboot your console.
  6. Next, access the Microsoft Store and navigate to the listing of the game and select Install from the context menu to re-install the game.
    Install Fifa 22 once again on Xbox
  7. As soon as the installation is complete, launch the game normally, load up your old career save and see if the problem is now fixed. 

Reinstall FIFA 22 on PlayStation consoles

Since the operating systems of Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 are quite different, the instructions for uninstalling FIFA 22 are different.

Follow the sub-guide created for the Playstation console that you’re using:

Reinstall FIFA 22 on Playstation 4

Uninstalling FIFA 22 on PlayStation 4 can be done from the Library menu. Here’s how:

  1. Start from the home screen of your PlayStation 4 and access the Library menu. 
    Accessing the Library menu
  2. Inside the Library menu, select Games located on the left side of the screen, then move to the right section and highlight FIFA 22.
  3. Once the correct menu is selected, press the Options button on your controller.

    Accessing the Options menu
  4. Next, select Delete from the context menu that has appeared on your screen, then confirm the decision by pressing X on your controller.
    Deleting the FIFA 22 on PlayStation 4
  5. Once the game is completely uninstalled, reboot your console, then install FIFA 22 after the console is fully turned on.
  6. Finally, test the game once again and see if you are able to access Career Mode normally.

Reinstall FIFA 22 on Playstation 5

On Playstation 5, the uninstallation instructions are a little more tedious. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. From the home screen of your PlayStation 5 console, highlight FIFA 22 and press the Options button. 
  2. From the context menu that appears on your screen, select Delete, then confirm the decision by selecting OK.

    Delete FIFA 22 on PlayStation 5
  3. Once the uninstallation is complete, restart your PS5 console.
  4. As soon as it boots back, go to the Library and reinstall FIFA 22. 
  5. Once the installation is complete, test the game to see if you still get stuck in the loading screen. 

Reinstall FIFA 22 on PC

If you installed FIFA 22 via Origin, here is the step-by-step guide on how to do that:

  1. Open the Origin on your PC and access the My Game Library. 
    Accessing the My game Libary
  2. Next, locate FIFA 22, then right-click on it and click on Uninstall. 
    Uninstalling Fifa 2022
  3. After the game is uninstalled, go to the My Game Library menu again and install FIFA 22 once again. 
  4. Once the operation is complete, open it and test it to see if you can access the Career Mode normally.

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