[UPDATED] EVGA May Quit PC Business Altogether, Rumors Allege All Employees Have Resigned from EVGA Taiwan

EVGA, a renowned GPU out of the blue decided to part ways with NVIDIA last year. This came as a shock to everyone in the community and also revealed NVIDIA’s behavior with its AIB partners. The company quit making GPUs for NVIDIA and did not partner up with AMD or Intel after the fact.

EVGA apart from making GPUs, also makes or well used to make motherboards, power supplies etcetra. But, all of that is also coming to an end as EVGA may decide to quit PC business entirely.

All Employees Resign from EVGA Taiwan

This report emanates from the Korean forums, coolenjoy where SAFEDISK, a popular overclocker broke the news. The source claims that all EVGA employees working at the Taiwan HQ have resigned. This also includes KINGPIN, an extreme overclocker, and an avid PC enthusiast. Apparently, the decision to shut down was made beforehand and the situation is presented to the employees as fait accompli.


We would like to inform you about EVGA

Currently, all EVGA Taiwan office staff have resigned (including Kingpin).

Closures seem to be becoming a fait accompli here.

I don’t know what the warranty issue will be, but I hope EVGA users won’t have any complaints about this issue.

I wonder what will happen in the future

We’ll have to wait for EVGA’s official statement.

We are still not sure if this news is legitimate or not since EVGA has, yet, not made an official statement. As for the warranties, EVGA users probably will not have any complaints. However, this is extremely disappointing as EVGA, within a span of one year has gone from one-of-the-best GPU companies to now completely-shutdown.


There were rumors and speculations before that EVGA could join arms with AMD or Intel. However, EVGA simply had enough of the GPU market and the stressful environment imposed on the company, and its employees.

The lack of freedom caused them to jump ship and abandon the GPU market. Sadly, we may no longer see products of any kind from EVGA. Though, we suggest readers wait for EVGA’s formal statement to see if the company has quit PC business or not.

UPDATE: EVGA Denies All Such Allegations

Techpowerup contacted EVGA and asked them to provide clarification regarding this matter. EVGA has termed all these claims as just ‘rumors’ and says that its Taiwan office is well and functioning. Furthermore, employees, namely KINGPIN are still with EVGA. The official statement reads:

We saw those message and they are rumors.
Our Taiwan office is still operating and Kingpin is still with EVGA.
EVGA is still doing business and supporting its customers.
Thanks for reaching out

EVGA to Techpowerup

This is a huge revelation as there was a lot of fuss pertaining to EVGA’s shutdown. Despite the rumors, EVGA still continues to be a key player in the PC community apart from the GPU department.

Source: coolenjoy , Techpowerup


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