SOLVED: Error E05 on Canon Printer

Error E05 in Cannon printers occur due to the compatibility issue of ink cartridge installed in the printer. This Error E05 also occurs if Ink Cartridge is not installed properly. Ink Cartridge in Canon printers has a small opening through which it discharge the ink to be utilized on a certain paper, therefore, when the printer is not used for a considerable period, the ink may get dried up and block the cartridge opening. Error E05 can also be caused by the disarrangement of a cartridge in its holder, or when the cartridge needs to be replaced. This issue is common and can be solved easily.

Method 1: (Resetting printer)

Turn on your printer

Hold Stop button for 5 to 6 seconds to reboot the printer.

Now, it is ready for use.

Method 2: (Reinstalling and Clearing Blockage)

Open the lid cover from the rare top of the canon printer.

You will see ink Cartridge installed

Press the two click-locks located at the sides of the cartridge holder, and the ink cartridge will pop-out to be taken off.

Now, Check the cartridge if it is having any sort of dust particles, or have dried ink in its opening that could be causing the blockage.

Clean cartridges by tissue and re-install the ink cartridge in its holder.

If the error still occurs then you need to replace the ink cartridge.

Method 3: (Replacing Ink Cartridge)

Buy an Ink cartridge of your Canon printer from a local electronics retailer.

Re-install the cartridge by following Method1.


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