The AMD EPYC 9754 ‘Bergamo’ With 128 Cores is Already up For Purchase

AMD just announced its Ryzen 7000 Mobile, Non-X, and even the long-awaited X3D CPUs at CES. Just now, HXL has shared a link to a listing at goofish. A user has allegedly got access to the upcoming EPYC 9754 from AMD’s Bergamo lineup. What’s interesting is that this is not an engineering sample, rather, the user highlights that this is the retail version of this CPU.

EPYC 9754 Spotted

Hailing from AMD’s EPYC Bergamo family, the EPYC 9754 boasts a massive 128-core / 256-thread count. The Bergamo or Zen4C-based EPYC lineup is slated to arrive in H1 2023. Bergamo is still Genoa, it works like Genoa and it executes code similar to Genoa but it is half the size. Zen4c (Bergamo) has smaller cores as compared to Standard Genoa but aims to pack more cores per unit area.  

Thanks to the images below, it is now confirmed that the 9754 features 256MB of L3 Cache. In a 2-socket configuration, both CPUs were running at 2.25GHz.

AMD EPYC 9754 Details | goofish

In Task Manager, we see 512 active logical processors or threads due to the dual-socket configuration leading to twice the threads. 

AMD EPYC 9754 Details | goofish

To verify this leak even more, an in-real-life picture was taken of the EPYC 9754 and we can see it sitting peacefully inside the motherboard. The OPN Code is mentioned but we could get a clear view due to the watermark. It reads ‘100-0X0000667‘. 

AMD EPYC 9754 Pictured | goofish

The listing can be found here at goofish, though on PC it may appear magnified. Either way, the listing also states;

The new official version of epyc 9754 is already in stock. 


And as expected, the pricing is also mentioned. Now bear with me because the suggested price is 150,000 Yuan. On converting this to USD, the EPYC 9754 listed here costs a jaw-breaking $22,000. We probably won’t suggest you to actually purchase this CPU because AMD may unveil the Bergamo family very soon. In any case, it’s probably better to go for the official route as the prices may actually be lower than what this listing mentions.


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