Embracer Group Aims To Release 234 Games By 2026

Despite being one of the largest video game holding companies in the world with over 100 development studios under management, Embracer Group said in their quarterly financial report today that they will not be making any acquisitions in the upcoming quarter.

Nonetheless, this will not prevent the studio from continuing to release AAA titles.Over the next four years, the business intends to release a variety of video games.The company’s latest financial report goes into great detail about these plans.

The company is currently developing 234 games for PC and consoles. Of them, 25 are AAA titles with release dates ranging from now through March of 2026. The report also gives us a small insight into the 49 games that were announced recently, such as Alone in the Dark, SpongeBob SquarePants: The Colossal Shake, Evil West, and the recently delayed Dead Island 2.

Bringing out exciting, world class games is nothing new for the company, as with the likes of Little Nightmares and Tomb Raider, we can surely rely on them for producing great games in the future as well. And, if you are thinking that developing 200+ games is a lot, well, Embracer Group is a huge holding company, so it might not be a big deal considering the amount of development studios they have under their belt.

While there is not much info on the plans that Embracer Group has for the future, we will keep you updated if anything comes up. Till then, let us know what do you think about the company’s plans. Will they succeed in capturing people’s interest, or will these games itself become an obstacle for the company in making great games.

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Farhan Ali

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