Elgato’s Stream Deck Plus Features Rotary Knobs and a Second LCD Display for Enhanced Customization

With the release of Stream Deck Plus, Elgato has strengthened its position by making an accessory that many people, especially streamers, will find useful. Elgato’s newest addition to its line of streaming devices, the Stream Deck Plus, is manufactured under the Corsair brand. This “plus” variant is an improvement over the standard edition; it has fewer buttons overall, but the addition of rotary knobs and a second touchscreen sets it apart.


Controlling your lights, cameras, microphones, applications, and more from a distance is easy with the Elgato Stream Deck Plus. When you upgrade to the new Stream Deck Plus, you’ll have access to knobs in addition to the buttons, giving you finer control over your connected devices. That means adjustments like volume, illumination, and camera zoom will be less of a hassle. Thanks to the touchscreen interface, you can get a better feel for the controls and see more data.

The Stream Deck Plus is equipped with 8 LCD buttons that can be programmed in the same way as any other Stream Deck. There are a total of 32 on the Stream Deck XL, compared to 6 on the Stream Deck Mini, 15 on the Stream Deck, and 2 on the Stream Deck MK.2. To put it another way, the arrangement of its LCD buttons falls somewhere between that of a Stream Deck Mini an and a Stream Deck/Deck MK.2.

Teh Stream Deck Plus Features Eight Programmable LCD Buttons | Elgato

There’s an LED touchscreen measuring 4.2 x 0.5 inches beneath the eight programmable LCD buttons. The Stream Deck Plus’ widescreen display runs across the entire width of the deck and seems like it comes in handy in many situations.

Image: Elgato

The four knobs on the Stream Deck Plus are the device’s most unique inputs. Each of these rotary volume controls are knurled and has a push button and can be utilized with a variety of audio inputs. When paired with the appropriate software or plugin, the Stream Deck Plus’ knobs may be used to adjust virtually any setting, not only audio.

Image Showcasing Four Rotary Knobs and An LED Display | Elgato


The Elgato Stream Deck Plus is now available through the official Elgato and CORSAIR retail and distribution channels across the world, with an MSRP of $199.99.  Its original Stream Deck MK.2 model cost $149.99, making this one $50 more expensive. The Stream Deck Plus comes with a two-year warranty, global customer care, and technical support from CORSAIR & Elgato. 

The Stream Deck Plus, at $199, is the most expensive of the bunch. The device is improved, attractive and practical, but it’s somewhat pricey if you’re just a casual streamer. Therefore, we would advise going with a more affordable model or looking at alternatives. But if you are a professional streamer and you have a large number of scenes and a great amount of audio inputs and outputs and you need something to organize it all, the Stream Deck Plus is undoubtedly going to be of great help to you.


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