Dumbphones Are On the Rise Amongst Gen Z To Reduce Distractions

On a worldwide level, dumb phones may be out of style, but in the United States, things are quite different. Even while we may be obsessed with our iPhones, Nokia sells tens of thousands of its dumbphones every month, with Gen Z leading the way in favor of a more basic, less distracting gadget.

It’s important to note that most millennials who purchase a dumbphone do so not as a primary phone but rather as a secondary one they use on occasion, such as when they’re out with friends and don’t want to be interrupted by their smartphone.

The trend, which is not only not limited to Gen Z but is also spearheaded by them, is covered by the WSJ:

While some Gen Zers might be buying smartphones that flip and fold, like the $1,000 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, the chatter online centers on “dumb” models with few capabilities. These devices are experiencing a renaissance as budget second phones—allowing you to detach from constant notifications and the lure of infinite scroll, without losing the ability to send texts and make calls in an emergency […]

Young people aren’t the only fans. Nokia sells tens of thousands of its flip phones each month in the U.S., according to Lars Silberbauer, chief marketing officer of HMD Global, the Finnish manufacturer of Nokia phones. Sales are growing across demographics, he said. “It’s not a small trend.”

While some dumbphones are actually just as primitive as models from the pre-smartphone era, the majority offer some modern technology features, such as color screens, Bluetooth for wireless headphone use, and cameras. They are very affordable as a secondary device due to their low price, which can be as low as $40 when bought outright, and a basic carrier plan for just phone calls and texts is also quite affordable.

These phones may include a basic web browser, but because to their tiny displays, numeric keypads, and lack of applications, they won’t likely be as annoying as smartphones.


Muhammad Zuhair

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