Amazon Gift Cards Don’t Expire. Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Amazon is a universally popular platform providing a wide array of products and services, and one of its benefits is the availability of gift cards. Just like any other retailer or online platform, these gift cards come with specific terms and conditions, which may include certain restrictions.

Their official website outlines the guidelines for using Amazon account balances and gift cards. These rules apply primarily to customers residing in the U.S. If you live outside the U.S., visiting your local Amazon site for relevant and up to date information is ideal.

This article will guide you on utilizing an Amazon gift card and address any questions regarding expiry dates, refunds, service restrictions, and more.

Do Amazon gift cards expire?

Do Amazon gift cards expire? | Business Insider

Amazon gift cards do not expire, according to Amazon gift card terms and conditions, allowing recipients to use the funds loaded onto the card indefinitely. Whether it’s a digital code or a physical card, the balance can be redeemed anytime for purchases on

While it’s important to review the specific terms and conditions associated with each gift card, Amazon’s policy generally supports the long-term usability of their gift cards.

It is recommended to redeem your Amazon gift card as soon as you get it to prevent misplacement or theft. The balance from the card is added to your Amazon account, which you can then use at your ease.

The portion of your balance made up of Gift Cards issued after October 1, 2005, does not expire and may be applied to your account and applied to eligible purchases despite any stated expiration date. 

If you’ve found an old gift card issued before October 1, 2005, you can still use it, depending on the laws in your state. Certain states, including CA, CT, LA, ME, MD, MA, MT, NH, ND, OK, RI, VT, and WA, do not allow expiration dates on Amazon gift cards. If you don’t live in these states, check the terms listed on your card; it might have an expiration date.

Adding the gift card balance to your Amazon account immediately upon receipt can be beneficial. It ensures that the balance is safe and ready for use whenever you want, eliminating concerns about misplacing the card or forgetting about its existence.

How do Amazon gift cards work?

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Amazon gift cards present an excellent opportunity for the recipient to choose a desired item, be it a book, shoes, or anything else from the vast Amazon marketplace.

You can buy them online or from selected stores. Electronic gift cards are usually emailed and contain a claim code you enter during checkout. Physical gift cards have a claim code on the back that you scratch off. When you redeem a gift card, the value is added to your Amazon account as a balance.

You can use this balance to pay for purchases until it’s used up. You can check your gift card balance on Amazon’s website or app.

Amazon gift cards can usually be used to purchase a wide variety of products available on Amazon, including physical items, digital content (e-books, music, movies), and even other third-party gift cards. However, there may be some restrictions on certain items, such as subscriptions or certain digital products.

Can I give my Amazon gift card to someone else?

Can I give my Amazon gift card to someone else? | Verified

Due to their flexibility in purchasing anything on the site, Amazon gift cards make a great gift for others. Transferring your gift card balance to someone else’s account is straightforward.

You can give the secret gift card claim code to the person, and they can use that code to get the balance in their Amazon account. For physical gift cards, you can just send them through mail or give them to the desired person by hand. They can then freely use this on Amazon for their desired purchases.

Once you have redeemed your Amazon gift card and its balance is added to your account, it cannot be transferred to other accounts.

Are Amazon gift cards returnable?

No, Amazon doesn’t accept returns or refunds of gift cards. But if the product received was defective and the whole order was returned, the gift card used for that particular purchase will also be refunded to your account.

If the product you purchased with the gift card needs a replacement, you have to provide proof of the original purchase with its receipt and fill out a claims form. Remember that Amazon’s policies can vary, so for the most precise information, always refer to the current terms and conditions or contact Amazon’s customer service.

Can you cash out Amazon gift cards?

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Amazon gift cards can’t typically be converted into cash. These are not cash-based cards but are specifically intended for purchases on Amazon, meaning they’re redeemable only for Amazon products. These gift cards can’t be transferred to other retailers, nor can they be cashed out.

If you want cash for your Amazon gift card, your best bet is to sell it to someone interested in purchasing items from Amazon.

You might do this through online platforms like Ebay, but remember, these platforms usually charge service fees which could reduce the end-amount you receive.

How to redeem Amazon gift cards on the Amazon website?

How to redeem Amazon gift cards?

Using your Amazon Gift Cards on the Amazon website is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the official Amazon webpage designated for gift card redemption.
  2. Sign in to your account; create a new one if you don’t already have one.
  3. Now enter the secret code written on your gift card in the “Enter claim code” box.
  4. Click on “Apply to your balance” to redeem the gift card.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your gift card amount will be added to your Amazon account balance.

Can I redeem Amazon gift cards for cash?

Unfortunately, Amazon gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash or used at different stores. These gift cards are specific to Amazon and can only be used to buy products or services on their website or app.

While you can use these gift cards on platforms owned by Amazon, there are no other associated stores where the gift cards can be redeemed. In other words, your Amazon gift card balance can only be spent on Amazon unless there are changes to Amazon’s policies.

It’s also worth noting that even if you plan to use the card at one of Amazon’s affiliated properties, it won’t be possible if that property is located outside the United States. The affiliated stores need to be within the country.

However, some people sell their gift cards for cash to those interested in buying them. It’s important to note that this decision is made entirely by the card owner and carries its own risks, as it is not a sanctioned practice by Amazon.

Can I use an Amazon gift card without an account?

No, you can’t use an Amazon gift card without an Amazon account. Whether you create a new Amazon account or use an existing one, you must sign in to redeem the gift card. Your account helps Amazon keep the balance with you at all times, no matter what device you’re using Amazon on and making purchases from.

Using Amazon gift cards for different Amazon services

Using Amazon gift cards for different Amazon services | Sourajit

You can use Amazon gift cards for a wide range of Amazon services, which includes shopping on, covering Amazon Prime memberships, purchasing Kindle e-books, and more. There are some restrictions, such as on Twitch, a platform owned by Amazon that does not allow you to redeem Amazon gift cards for credit on the site.

Make sure to check the specific terms of the service or platform where you’re intending to use your Amazon gift card for more details.

Can I use an Amazon gift card at Amazon Fresh?

Amazon Fresh store | Winsightgrocerybusiness

There is contradicting information about this online but we can confirm that you can use your Amazon gift cards to make purchases at Amazon Fresh. Not only that, you can also buy items from Amazon Whole Foods market within the app using the gift card. Amazon Fresh sells its own branded gift cards as well.

Simply redeem the gift card and once the balance has been accredited to your account, it can be used towards Amazon Fresh.

Final Thoughts

Amazon gift cards never expire and can be redeemed anytime to facilitate purchases on Amazon and its other properties, such as Amazon Fresh. Some platforms and services like Twitch might have restrictions in place to properly segment the market, disallowing you from using Amazon gift cards directly.

Just for good practice, always redeem your Amazon gift cards to your account as soon as possible so that credit is safely transferred to your account for use anytime. Check terms and conditions specific to your region to ensure that Amazon follows the same policies as other areas in yours. Regardless of when or how you decide to use your gift card, rest assured that its value will remain, ready for you to redeem whenever you choose.


Do Amazon gift cards expire?

No, Amazon gift cards do not expire.

Do Best Buy, Target, and Walmart gift cards expire?

Similar to Amazon gift cards, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart gift cards also do not have an expiration date.

Can I trade in an Amazon gift card for another gift card?

Amazon does not officially support trading gift cards for other brands.

Are Amazon cards non-refundable?

Yes, once purchased, Amazon gift cards are generally non-refundable.

Can I trade in cash for my Amazon gift cards?

Amazon does not allow you to trade in cash for gift cards directly, but you can buy them with cash in many retail stores.

Are Amazon gift cards international?

Amazon gift cards are not international and must be redeemed in the same country they were purchased.

Are Amazon gift cards region locked?

Yes, Amazon gift cards are region-locked and can only be used in the country of purchase.


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