How to: Disable Password After Sleep/Wake

Numerous users of Windows (7/8/8.1 and 10) have complained of their respective systems not accepting their passwords upon waking up from Sleep mode or Hibernation mode, this is usually caused by wifi connectivity issues. The aim of this guide is to resolve their issues with logging in by disabling the password requirement after sleep/wake. In such cases, the system manages to recognize the user’s password and grant them access once it has been rebooted, but you can definitely see how not being able to login to your windows after putting it to sleep or on hibernation mode can be a massive problem. Apparently, this issue is caused by a glitch in Windows. Although this problem is not extremely widespread, it is quite significant nonetheless.

In this guide we will see how to disable the password after sleep/wake/hibernation to get rid of the password issue altogether and to disable it for those who don’t want to have to type in password every time the system wakes up from sleep.

Disable Password After Wake-Up from Power Options

Click the Start button located on the lower left corner, type Power Options in the search bar and then choose Power Options from the results displayed. (The image is created on Windows 10, but the steps are same for Windows 8/8.1 and 7 as well)

windows 10 password issues

Then tap/click on Change Plan Settings; for your chosen Power Plan.

change plan settings

Then, Tap/Click on Change advanced power settings at the bottom.

In the Power Options dialog that opens, tap on Change settings that are currently unavailable to activate administrative privileges. Set the setting for Require a password on wakeup to No.

require a password on wakeup

Tap on Apply. Tap on OK. This should now disable the Password Requirement after the system has woken up from sleep or hibernation. However, if you change your Power Plan; then you will need to re-do this setting, since they are profile based and each Power Plan is different. On my system, it is Balanced, if i change it to High Performance; i will need to re-do the same steps to disable it.

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How to: Disable Password After Sleep/Wake

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