Ryzen 7 8700G and ROG CROSSHAIR X670E Set World Record With Dual-Channel DDR5-10600 Speeds

It appears that AMD’s newly launched Ryzen 8000G AM5 APUs are breaking record after record. Just a few days ago, Gigabyte was able to manage an OC of DDR5-10346. However, just recently, SafeDisk from ASUS has succeeded the throne, hailing as the fastest RAM overclocker on the AM5 platform or the fastest dual-channel overclocker in the world.

SafeDisk Extreme OC: DDR5-10600 Reached With 2x G.Skill Trident Z5 DIMMs

The test bench features a kit of 2x16GB G.Skill Trident Z5 memory coupled with the Ryzen 7 8700G. The RAM was running at a speed of DDR5-7800 CL36 at 1.45V (via the BIOS), which was further overclocked to 10600 MT/s. On the motherboard side of things, SafeDisk opted for the ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR X670E GENE with removed VRMs and heatsinks.

For display, we’re looking at a GT 730 and an ADATA SU650 256GB SATA SSD for storage running on the Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Operating System.

AM5 Memory OC Record BIOS | SafeDisk

Running with timings of 50-62-62-127-127, SafeDisk achieved a memory overclock of DDR5-10600. While you’d expect some serious cooling tech, the entire setup featured a simple liquid cooler, nothing fancy.

AM5 Memory OC Record Validation | CPU-Z

Moreover, the overall procedure was defined as ‘Very Easy‘. The overclock can be taken as successful since the system was stable enough to handle a direct boot into the OS. There have been instances of a bug in AGESA that reports higher than actual frequencies.

As conclusive evidence, SafeDisk showcased an oscilloscope waveform which confirms the actual memory frequency. The measured frequency lies just around the figure reported by CPU-Z, sitting at 5.25GHz or 5200MHz (DDR5-10400).

AM5 OC World Record Oscilloscope | SafeDisk

Getting into the specifics, this is the fastest dual-channel OC in the world. Of course, Intel still holds the crown in terms of single-channel OCs, however, AMD is not far behind. For the record, overclockers have managed DDR5-10382 speeds (Dual Channel) on the Team Blue side of things, with Single Channel at DDR5-11648.

Source: SafeDisk


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