How to Fix ‘D3drm.DLL is missing’ while Playing Legacy Games

Some Windows users are encountering the ‘D3drm.dll is not loaded‘ error code while trying to launch legacy games on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. This issue is commonly reported to occur with older versions of Flight Simulator, Atari Sorry, Motocross Madness 2, etc.

‘D3drm.dll is not loaded’ error message

After investigating this particular issue thoroughly, it turns out that there are several different causes that might cause this error code at the launch of a legacy game. Here’s a list of potential culprits:

  • The legacy game was not designed to run on your OS – In most cases, this particular issue will not occur because the game installation is missing the D3drm.dll dependencies. This error will sometimes appear even if the DLL file is present inside the game folder, because of an incompatibility between the legacy game and your OS. In this case, you might be able to fix the problem by forcing the main game executable to run in compatibility mode with an older OS.
  • Missing DLL Dependency – If you’re encountering this issue on Windows 10, you’re most likely encountering this problem because the usage of D3drm.dll completely deprecated on your OS, so Windows Update will not make the effort to install legacy DLL files. In this case, you can force the installation of older DLL packages by running the DirectX Web Installer utility to install the missing DLL dependency.
  • DLL file is missing from game folder – In certain cases, you might find that legacy games will not install this required DLL file along with the game. This happens because, in the past, the redist package that contained the D3drm.dll was so widely used that it could be found inside the System32 folder so that many applications could use it. In this case, you can download the missing D3drm.dll manually and paste it inside the game installation folder.

Method 1: Running the Legacy Game in Compatibility Mode

If you’re encountering this issue with a legacy game, you should start this troubleshooting guide by forcing the main game executable to launch in compatibility mode with an older Windows version.

Depending on the game title, doing this modification might mean that the D3drm.dll file is no longer user used, because the DLL library is adjusted, so you won’t get the same error message.

Several affected users have confirmed that this method allowed them to launch the legacy game without encountering the same error message.

Here’s a quick step by step guide that will walk you through the process of forcing the legacy game to run in compatibility mode:

  1. Start by navigating to the location where you installed the legacy game. Once you’re inside the correct location, right-click on the main game executable and choose Properties from the context menu.
  2. Once you’re inside the Properties screen, go ahead and click on the Compatibility tab from the menu at the top, then start by checking the button associated with Run this program in compatibility mode. 
  3. Finally, select an older Windows version from the drop-down menu that just appeared and click Apply. If you’re experiencing this issue with a legacy game, select the oldest Windows version from the list.
  4. Click Apply to save the changes, then restart your computer and launch your computer again to see if the problem is now fixed.
Running the installer in Compatibility mode

In case you are still dealing with the same ‘D3drm.dll is not loaded‘ error code when you attempt to launch the game, move down to the next potential fix below.

Method 2: Running the End-user Runtime Web installer

Since this error message is essentially telling you that your OS installation is missing a Dynamic Link Library file (D3drm.dll), one way to fix the issue is to run the DirectX End-User Runtime Web installer and install every missing DDL dependency that might be responsible for this issue.

Note: Keep in mind that the D3drm.dll file is a legacy Dynamic Link Library file and was deprecated from most DirectX packages. All this utility can do at this point is to replace the D3drm.dll with a newer equivalent dependency capable of doing the same thing. But depending on how the game was originally programmed, it might not know how to handle the new dependency equivalent.

If you haven’t tried updating your DirectX library collection yet, follow the instructions below to run the end-user runtime web installer:

  1. Open your default browser and visit the official download page of DirectX Web installer.
    Downloading the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer
  2. Once you’re inside the correct screen, start by rejecting the installation of bloatware that Microsoft tries to push by clicking on No thanks and continue with DirectX End-User Runtime Web installer button.
  3. Wait until the installer is successfully downloaded, then double-click on it and accept the UAC (User Account Control) prompt when it appears. Next, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of the missing DirectX dependencies.
    Installing DirectX End-User Runtime
  4. Once the installation is complete, reboot your computer and launch the game after the next startup is complete.

If the launch of the legacy game triggers the same D3drm.dll is not loaded error code, move down to the next potential fix below.

Method 3: Pasting the missing DLL file inside the Installation Folder

If none of the methods above have allowed you to fix the issue, you can ensure that the correct DLL is made available by manually downloading it and placing it inside the installation folder of the game that is failing.

You can use a couple of directories to do so, but to ensure the best results, we replicated these steps to ensure that you do this procedure in a safe manner.

Follow the instructions below to download the missing D3drm.dll from and paste it in the installation directory of the game that is failing with the D3drm.dll is not loaded error:

Important: Normally, we would advise against downloading DLL dependencies from web directories as some web admins are known to bundle them with adware or spyware. However, in this case, we took the time to check the D3drm.dll file downloaded from with several security scanners to ensure that you’re not dealing with a Dynamic Link Library containing malicious code.

  1. Open your default browser and visit the web page listing associated with d3drm.dll.
  2. Once you’re inside, scroll down to the download section and download the version that’s compatible with your CPU architecture. Click on the Download button, then wait for the process to complete.
    Downloading the correct DLL file
  3. After the download is finally complete, use a utility like WinZip, WinRar, or 7zip to extract the contents of the archive.
    Extracting the contents of the archive
  4. Once the d3drm.dll file is successfully extracted, simply copy or cut it before pasting it inside the installation folder. Keep in mind that most game installation folders will have a specific folder where they will store the necessary DLL files.
    NOTE: This varies from game to game, so do take the time to check where other DLL files are located before pasting the file.
  5. Finally, once you find the correct place to paste the DLL file, launch the game again and see if the issue is now fixed.

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