SOLVED: Computer Hangs/Lags When Downloading From Steam

A few Windows 10 users have reported experiencing an issue where their computer starts hanging and lagging uncontrollably when they start downloading games, game updates or other content from Steam – the leading gaming source for PCs in the world. Users affected by this issue see that everything from programs to even their mouse pointer hang an awful lot when their computers are downloading from Steam. In addition, another behavior observed in computers affected by this issue is their total CPU usage shooting up to dangerous levels, often going up to a whopping 100%.

In addition, users affected by this issue not only experience it when downloading content from Steam but also experience it when downloading anything from other applications or programs, such when downloading drivers from the GeForce Experience application. However, neither lagging/hanging nor a dangerously high CPU usage is seen by affected users when downloading files directly off the internet. Through the rigorous hard work and, of course, the trial and error of Windows 10 users who have been affected by this problem in the past, the culprit behind this problem has been identified as no more than a simple bcedit value that had been set to true in the past. In most cases, the bcedit value that has to be set to true in order to give rise to this problem is set to true by none other than the user affected by this problem themselves, although they are not aware of the consequences of doing so in most cases.

In order to fix this issue, all that needs to be done is to reset the bcedit value causing this problem back to false. In order to do so, you need to follow steps as stated below, in addition to this we alslo recommend scanning your PC with Reimage Plus Repair to scan for system files integrity and if it finds corrupts files, repair them. You can download Reimage Plus Repair by clicking here.

Right-click on the Start Menu button to open the WinX Menu.

Click on Command Prompt (Admin).

Type the following into the elevated Command Prompt and then press Enter:

bcdedit /set useplatformclock false


Restart your computer, and try downloading something from Steam once it boots up. You should no longer experience any lagging/hanging or high CPU usage when downloading content from Steam or any other application on your computer.

Also, it is recommended to disable the Antivirus or add an exception for the folder in which the game is being downloaded. For that:

  1. Click on the Antivirus’ icon in the system tray.
  2. Click on the settings option and then select Scan.
  3. Click on “Add an Exception” and add the folder where the game is being downloaded.
  4. Check to see if the issue persists.


  1. Thank you very much for this, i was going little crazy since i have these lags while i download or listen to music while surfing etc … And i knew it wasn’t a material issue. Thank you so much !

    PS : I’m running windows 8.1

  2. THank you so much for this i planned to set up my pc completely new but this spared me a lot of work and back ups

  3. Thank you so much for this, it was driving me crazy trying to figure out what the cause was, seems to have worked for now!!! It was even bottlenecking my download speed on steam at around 8mbs , now i’m at 38mbs 😀

  4. Thank you.
    No clue why, but didn’t worked on first reset, or maybe it was because i’ve used Windows Powershell, nvm 🙂
    For now is working like a charm, no lagging, no nothing.
    Thanks, again!

  5. These solutions didn’t help me. I found that AVAST was scanning everything, even when i added the folders to the exception lists so, i uninstalled AVAST and that fixed all the hanging from all forms of downloading.

  6. Thank you thank you thank you! This finally fixed the issue. I’ve tried so many things to try and get this working, but yours is the only fix that solved it. I knew it was something in the operating system! Thank you again, I can now stop going insane everytime I download something.

  7. Man i am crazy relieved, thank you very, very much. I contacted Microsoft support for this but they cleaned couple of folders and it was good just for a couple of days. Now i also get the full internet service i’m paying now, however, and actually little bit more. 😀 Have a nice day everyone. Let’s enjoy smooth downloading experience! 😀

  8. I recommend people trying disabling any anti virus / malware software. I disabled Malwarebytes and the stuttering stopped.

    Other people have posted that AVAST is causing it for them, although Avast isn’t causing problems on my system.

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SOLVED: Computer Hangs/Lags When Downloading From Steam

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