How to Clone Disk by using AOEMI Backupper

Image the scenario where you have a small disk and it is running out of the free space. You would like to replace it with a disk with more space but you have a few challenges. You don’t want to install an operating system, all applications and configure everything from scratch because, it will consume so much time. On another side, if you have only the private or the business data that you would like to move, one of the challenges is to copy them manually. Both options are not really convenient, so we will need to find another way. Another way would be to clone one to another disk.

There are hundreds of tools that can support us with this task. In this article, we will show you how you can clone one disk to another by using software called AOEMI Backupper. It has a commercial and freeware version. So, what is the AOEMI Backupper? The AOMI Backupper Free tool is easy to use software that has a set of features and functionalities that can do backup and recovery and disk cloning for Windows. You can read more information on their website.

In order to explain the procedure of cloning disk, we will create a scenario. We have a desktop machine that is running Windows 10 Pro, and which only one disk, Samsung Evo 860 250 GB. As we are planning to store more data on the disk, it will soon run out of the free disk space. In order to avoid that, we will clone it to a bigger disk with 1 TB of free space, Samsung Evo 860 1 TB. The AOEMI Backupper is compatible with other Windows versions and editions including Windows Client and Windows Server.

So, let’s start with the process.

  1. Open the Internet Browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or others)
  2. Open AOMEI’s website by clicking on the link
  3. Click on the Download Freeware to download the AOMI Backupper
  4. Install the AOMI Backupper by clicking on the installer and following the standard procedure of installation (Next – Next – … – Finish).
  5. Open AOMI Backupper. You will the window as shown in the screenshots
  6. Click Clone to clone the disks
  7. Select source disk. In our case, it is Disk1 which is Samsung Evo 860 250 GB and then click Next
  8. Select destination disk. In our case, it is Disk0 which is Samsung Evo 860 1 TB and then click Next
  9. On the next screen check if the source and destination disks are correct and then click Start Clone
  10. Wait until the cloning process is finished. The speed of the cloning process depends on the speed and performance of your disks.
  11. Congratulation. You have successfully cloned one to another disk. Click Finish.

In case you want to remove the smaller disk, you should turn off your computer and then remove it. In case your machine supports hot-plug, then you can do it without shutting down the computer.


Jasmin Kahriman

Jasmin is a tech-savvy Systems Engineer with over 15 years of experience in IT infrastructure, holding multiple IT certifications including CNIP, MTA, MCP, MCSA, MCT, Server+, and Network+.