Gen-Z is 70% of ChatGPT Users & They’re Using it for Work

ChatGPT has grown at a speed where the negative aspects of it are starting to show, before anyone could explore it’s full potential. Nevertheless, it’s being widely utilized by people in their personal and professional lives.

In a relatively brief period, nearly half of the global population has embraced the AI revolution, with over a billion users reaping its benefits. It goes without saying that regulatory bodies are actively taking significant steps to ensure that this transformative change is managed and directed in the most appropriate manner.

A recent survey conducted by SalesForce, involving a diverse test audience comprising over 4,000 individuals from various countries, has provided a bit of an insight into the quantitative aspects of AI adoption. The research findings showcase how approximately 49% of these respondents have already engaged with this tech, with one-third of them actively finding ways to integrate it into their daily lives.

This shift in focus mostly seems to connect with the younger audiences, that see more use for it in their day-to-day routine. This fact is further explained by the fact that over 70% of the people who use it are employed, one way or the other – the main reason for this being that the technology is just easier, and more convenient to use.

Since the technology is still relatively new, most people, who don’t use it fear privacy misuse, and deepfake scams. Despite these concerns, the most important achievement for the AI industry as a whole is the user satisfaction in meeting their expectations and giving them the answers they need.

Generative AI usage stats

  • Generational Divide: 70% of Gen Z use new generative AI technologies like ChatGPT while 68% of those who haven’t are Gen X or boomers.
  • Overall Adoption: 49% of the population has experienced generative AI, and 51% has never

Other interesting results

  • Purpose of Use: 75% of generative AI users employ it for work, and a third use it for leisure and educational pursuits.
  • Perceived Advantages: Users find the technology time-saving (46%), easy to use (42%), and beneficial for learning (35%).
  • Skeptics’ Concerns: Most don’t see its impact, with 40% unfamiliar with it, and some fear misuse like deepfake scams.
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As AI continues to take the center stage in our routine, it is likely to become even more integrated into our lives, providing us with new and innovative ways to work, learn, and live more effectively.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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