How to Change the Orientation of a Single Page in a Microsoft Word Document

Microsoft Word documents can have both portrait and landscape page orientation. This features comes in handy if you’re planning on printing a Word document – the orientation the document is in will be the orientation it is printed in. You can configure a Microsoft Word document to be formatted in portrait orientation or landscape orientation depending on your personal preferences. In addition, when configuring a Microsoft Word document’s orientation, you can configure the orientation for the entire document or only for one specific page of the document or even for a specific selection of text from the document.

In addition, changing the orientation of a certain page out of an entire Microsoft Word document is not only something that is possible but is also something that is pretty simple. Changing the orientation of any one page out of an entire Microsoft Word document is done in basically the same way regardless of what iteration of Microsoft Word you are using (Lord knows there are a ton of different ones out there). If you would like to change the orientation of any one page or a specific selection of text in a Microsoft Word document from portrait to landscape or vice versa, you need to:

  1. Highlight and select the text you want to change the orientation of. This is entirely up to you – if you want to change the orientation of a specific page, simply select all of the text on that page, if you want to change the orientation of only a few specific lines then select only the lines you want to change the orientation of.
  2. Navigate to the Page Layout tab of Microsoft Word’s toolbar.
  3. Click on the Page Setup dialog box launcher, and the Page Setup dialog will appear.
  4. Under Orientation, click on either Landscape or Portrait depending on what orientation you want the selected page or text to be changed to. 
  5. Open the dropdown menu located right next to the Apply to: option and click on Selected text. This will signal Microsoft Word to only change the orientation of the text that has been selected. 
  6. Click on OK. As soon as you do, the orientation of the page or text you selected will be changed to whichever orientation you selected.

If you change the orientation of an entire page in a Word document, the entire page will be changed to either Portrait or Landscape with all of the other pages remaining untouched. On the other hand, if you change the orientation of a selection of text from a Word document, Microsoft Word will automatically insert section breaks before and after the selection of text, consequently leading to the selected text getting its own page. The text before the selection of text remains on its own page, the selection of text is given a new page of its own and the text after the selection of text is moved to the page right after the new page, and the new page orientation you selected is applied to the page that the selection of text you made is on.


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