FIX: Cannot Drag Windows on Dual Screens (Windows 10)

Nowadays everybody is using a computer literally everywhere. While working, playing Games or watching Movies. As the computers get faster every year and are able to process more information at the same time, the computers allow the users to work on several tasks at the same time. Sometimes this can get a bit overwhelming and you may find yourself with nearly a dozen programs, all opened at the same time.

That’s a lot of information to put on a single computer screen and therefore many users prefer working with bigger and multiple screens. However, many users have reported that with dual and multiple screens, they’re unable to drag applications, programs or windows to other screens.

In this guide, we will list the two most common methods to address this issue. You can pick the one that works best for you.

Method 1: Disable Snap

Windows supports several computer screens simultaneously and implements features to make the best use of multiple screens. One of those features is called Snap and while it could be a helpful feature for single-screen-users, it might be annoying for multi-screen-users. Snap, while used with a single monitor, will help the user with moving around opened windows and resizing them, this makes it easier for users to multitask using a single screen.

However, with snap enabled when you grab a window and move it to either left, right or top border windows will automatically resize the window. This behavior has been found to interrupt the process of dragging windows with multiple monitors. Now there are two work arounds to get by this.

If you keep Snap enabled, try moving the windows quick and fast to the other monitor. And, if you don’t want snap, then just disable it. To disable Snap, Click the Windows (Start) button and choose Settings. Click on the first icon, called System. Navigate to Multitasking and disable “Arrange windows automatically by dragging them to the sides of the corner of the screen”.

windows 10 dual monitors drag windows

Method 2: Re-arrange Monitors

If you were using dual monitors prior to upgrading to Windows 10, then usually after the upgrade (the driver’s are updated and reinstalled). This sometimes results in Windows forgetting monitor settings, and results in “dragging applications issue”. For ex: The left screen would go to right and the right on left.

To fix this issue, Right Click on your Desktop and choose Display Settings. When you do this, you will be able to see and identify which monitor windows think is the #1, and which is the #2. Once you see it, and identify that it is not correct, go to Advanced Settings and re-arrange the two monitors correctly. Hit Apply to Save and then test.


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