How to do Call Forwarding on Verizon in 2024 [4 Easy Steps]

Key Takeaways
  • Dial *72 on your device followed by the 10-digit number to activate call forwarding.
  • Deactivate call forwarding by dialing *73 on your Verizon device. Listen for confirmation beeps and wait for the call to automatically end.
  • Dial *71 for busy conditions and *92 for no answer, each followed by the forwarding number.

Call forwarding on Verizon is a valuable feature that allows users to redirect their incoming calls to another phone number of their choice. Whether you’re looking to stay connected while on the go or ensuring that important calls reach you even when you’re away from your primary device, Verizon’s call forwarding service offers a convenient solution.

In this guide, we’ll explore the steps and options available for setting up call forwarding on Verizon. So, let’s get started.

Why Would You Want to Use Call Forwarding

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Call forwarding is a versatile feature that enhances communication accessibility and flexibility in various situations. There are several reasons why someone might want to use call forwarding:

  • Make sure that you can receive important calls even when you are away from your primary phone or in an area with limited reception.
  • If you’re on the move or traveling, call forwarding allows you to redirect calls to a device that you have with you.
  • For individuals with multiple phone lines or devices, call forwarding helps consolidate incoming calls to a preferred number.
  • Maintain professional communication by forwarding business calls to a designated number, ensuring you stay connected with clients or colleagues.
  • In case of an emergency, call forwarding can be set up to ensure that crucial calls are directed to someone who can assist.
The methods outlined below are applicable to both iOS and Android devices.

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How to Set Up Call Forwarding on Verizon (steps as headings)

To enable Verizon call forwarding, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Access Your Phone’s Dialer

Turn on your mobile phone and go to the “Phone” app to access the dialer.

Tap on Phone

Step 2: Initiate Call Forwarding by Dialing *72

Dial “*72.” Do not press the call button at this point.

Dial *72

Step 3: Define Call Forwarding Destination

After entering *72, proceed by dialing the 10-digit telephone number (e.g., *72-999-555-xxxx), to which you wish to forward your calls.

Tap on the Dial button

Step 4: Activate and Confirm

Press the call button to activate the call forwarding process. Listen attentively for a prompt or response from the auto attendant. A successful response confirms that call forwarding has been set up correctly.

How to Switch Off Call Forwarding

Here’s how you can disable call forwarding on your Verizon mobile network:

Step 1: Navigate to Dialer

Switch on your mobile and go to “Phone” to access the dialer.

Step 2: Dial *73

From the device where you wish to turn off call forwarding, dial “*73.”

Dial *73

Step 3: Listen for Confirmation

After dialing *73, listen for a series of beeps, indicating that the call forwarding deactivation process is underway. Wait for the call to end automatically.

Step 4: Additional Checks

If you continue to experience issues receiving calls, check additional settings such as Do Not Disturb, blocking, Quiet Mode, etc. Also, review any installed apps like Verizon Smart Family™ that may be restricting incoming calls.

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What is Conditional Call Forwarding on Verizon?

Conditional Call Forwarding allows users to customize the call-handling behavior when their device is either busy with another call or goes unanswered after a specified number of rings. Instead of routing the call directly to voicemail, users can set up a designated number to which incoming calls will be forwarded.

How to Set It Up?

You can use the following method to set up conditional call forwarding on your devices:

  1. Dial “*71″ from your device.
    Dial *71
  2. Enter the 10-digit forwarding phone number after *71 (e.g., *71-999-555-45xx).
  3. Listen for a series of beeps, indicating the setup process is underway.
  4. Wait for the call to end automatically after the beeps.
  5. Verify the setup by testing incoming calls to ensure they are redirected to the designated forwarding phone number when the specified conditions are met.

Tips & Tricks

Following quick tips and tricks to enhance your call forwarding experience on Verizon, offering customization and convenience:

  • Modify the number of rings before forwarding by dialing *61 plus the forwarding number and desired ring duration.
  • Dial *# to quickly check the current status of call forwarding.
  • Manage call forwarding settings remotely through your Verizon account online or using the My Verizon app.
  • Ensure your voicemail settings align with call forwarding preferences for a seamless communication setup.
  • After setup, perform test calls to confirm calls are redirected as expected, ensuring your settings work optimally.

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Contact Verizon Customer Service

If you encounter issues while setting up Verizon call forwarding on your phone, the best practice is to contact Verizon Customer Service. To contact them, you can use the following methods:

  • Phone:
    • Dial *611 from your Verizon mobile device.
    • Call 1-800-837-4966 from any phone.
Verizon Support Website
  • My Verizon App:
    • Use the My Verizon app to access customer support features and live chat with representatives.
  • Social Media:
    • Reach out to Verizon’s official social media accounts for assistance on platforms like Twitter or Facebook.
  • In-Person Visit:
    • Visit a Verizon store near you for face-to-face assistance with your queries or concerns.

Remember to have your account information and relevant details ready when contacting customer service for a more efficient resolution to your inquiry.

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Final Words

To sum it up, Verizon’s call forwarding guide streamlines the process, making setup, customization, and troubleshooting hassle-free. The step-by-step instructions empower users to tailor their communication preferences, while additional tips enhance the overall experience.

For any assistance or queries, reaching out to Verizon Customer Service via phone, online support, or in-person visits ensures prompt and effective solutions. With these tools, optimizing call forwarding becomes an effortless way to stay connected and responsive in all circumstances.


Can I manage call forwarding settings remotely?

Yes, use your Verizon account online or the My Verizon app for remote management.

How do I troubleshoot if call forwarding is not working as expected?

Test the setup, ensure correct forwarding numbers, and review additional settings like Do Not Disturb or blocking features.

Are there different call forwarding options for busy and unanswered conditions?

Yes, use *71 for busy conditions and *92 for no answer conditions, each followed by the forwarding number.

Can I forward calls to multiple numbers simultaneously?

Verizon’s standard call forwarding supports forwarding to a single number. For multiple destinations, consider using a call forwarding service or app.


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