Does Bumble Have Read Receipts? [2024 Update]

Key Takeaways
  • Bumble does not provide read receipts, which means users can't see if their messages have been read, but they can see if messages have been delivered.
  • Alternatives to tell if someone read your message on Bumble include observing the typing indicator (three dots), checking for profile updates or activity, and sending a follow-up message if there's no response.
  • Other dating apps have different policies on read receipts: some require a premium subscription for this feature, while others, like eHarmony, provide it for free.

With everything getting more and more tech-savvy and digitized it’s no surprise that the dating culture has also shifted to the convenience of your phone. However, phones don’t have expressions, and the closest thing to checking if someone is interested in you through your screen is Read Receipts.

That’s why in this article, we will be breaking down whether Bumble has read receipts or not to help make your dating experience a bit easier. So let’s jump in!

Read Receipts on different messaging apps | Intercom

What are Read Receipts

Read receipt is a feature present in messaging apps like Whatsapp or Messenger where it shows the sender if the recipient has read the message they have sent or not. This is helpful because it shows if the person you are trying to contact is interested in talking to you or not.

Despite their practicality, some apps allow this feature to be disabled as some people prefer taking their time to reply to texts.

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Bumble’s Approach: No Read Receipts

Bumble currently lacks the feature of reading receipts and won’t tell you if your partner or the person you are communicating with has read your message or not. However, it tells you if your message has been delivered or not so you don’t have to wonder if it got stuck in internet traffic.

Bumble lacks read receipts

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Pros and Cons of No Read Receipts on Bumble

The pros and cons vary from user to user, if you are someone who values privacy this feature is a blessing while on the other hand a curse for those who prefer more transparency. Let’s break down the pros and cons of no-read receipts on Bumble.

↪ Pros

  • With no read receipts, you can take your time when replying to someone without having to rush things.
  • You can also take screenshots of the texts and share them with your bff to take dating advice from them.

↪ Cons

  • The obvious downside is that the sender wouldn’t know if the recipient has read their text yet or not which makes it harder to pinpoint the other person’s intention.
  • Users can also abuse this feature and ghost their match after reading what they had to say without them knowing.

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Alternatives To Tell If Someone Read Your Message

Without read receipts, it can be hard to tell if someone has read your message but it’s not impossible. Apart from read receipts, there are a few other alternatives you can use to keep an eye out for replies.

1. Look out for the three dots

When someone starts typing bumble shows three floating dots which indicate that the person is typing a message. This will show that the recipient has opened your chat and acknowledged your message.

Three dots on messaging apps

2. Do a bit of stalking

Keep a lookout for profile changes and their activity status if it shows active they just might be ignoring you. However, don’t glue your eyes to their profile, stalking someone isn’t going to make you like them.

3. Double text

If it has been a while and you haven’t gotten a reply back yet you could drop another text to ask if they have seen your text or not. Just don’t overdo it or you might end up annoying the person.

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How Other Dating Apps Handle Read Receipts

Most dating apps don’t offer read receipts by default you either have to purchase the feature as a premium subscription while others lack the feature as a whole.

Apps like Tinder and OkCupid offer the feature in exchange for money while Hinge and Bumble don’t offer this feature at all. Eharmony is the only app from the bunch that offers free read receipts straight away.

Read receipts on Tinder

Tips For Better Communication on Bumble

Bumble’s approach towards dating can feel a bit overwhelming for newcomers with things like the read receipts policy and only allowing females to initiate a convo within a 24-hour time. However, to increase your chances of impressing your dream partner, you can try out these tips:

  • Make your bio catchy and profile interesting with a hint of humor and personality.
  • Appear friendly because no one wants to talk to someone who looks like they aren’t fun to be around.
  • Don’t be annoying and clingy and spice up your chats with a question or two about each other if you feel like the conversation is drying out.

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Wrapping up

Bumble’s approach to read receipts can come off as a bummer for people looking for a more transparent experience as it lacks the feature as a whole. However, ways like looking out for the floating three dots and activity status can help you determine if the person is ignoring you or just busy.


Is Bumble for friends or hookups?

Bumble offers something for everyone whether it is someone looking for a person to date they can get a match in the “dating mode” or for a more platonic connection use the “BFF mode.”

How much does Bumble cost?

Most basic features like setting up your profile, finding a match, and chatting are free on Bumble so fret not if you are on a budget as you can still find your soulmate without spending a penny.

What age group is Bumble for?

To be eligible to use Bumble one has to be at least 18 or older, while the majority of users range from the age of 18 to 29. However, even if you are in your later years don’t worry as there are plenty of users that will match your specific age group.


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