FIX: Brother Printer Not Detected in Control Center

Although Brother Printers are quite commendable and pretty great, they are not without faults. This is why users of Brother Printers have suffered from a multitude of different problems over time. One of the most common and severe problems that Brother printer users continue to encounter is their wireless printers not being detected and recognized by their computers. This issue persists even when not showing up in ControlCenter4, the resident suite for Brother Printers, even though both the computer and the printer are connected to one another wirelessly. Because the computer fails to detect the printer, the user cannot print, scan, or photocopy anything, which essentially renders the printer unusable.

In such cases, users receive an error that states the LAN of a specific model number printer cannot be found. This problem can be caused by anything from security issues to corrupted registry keys, or entries that have been created after a Windows update. This issue most commonly affects users of the Brother MFC-7860DW wireless printer, but can essentially affect any and all printers manufactured by Brother. Fortunately, fixing this problem and enabling your computer to successfully detect, display, and communicate with your Brother printer is relatively straightforward and easy. Here are the two most effective solutions that you can use to fix whatever issue is preventing your Brother printer from being displayed in ControlCenter4 or causing it not to work:

Method 1: Clear all twain, twunk and .mtx files in the Temp folder

Hold the Windows Key and press ‘R’. In the run dialog, type ‘%temp%’ and click ‘OK’.


Locate and delete any and all files in the Temp folder that have the terms twain or twunk in their names or have .mtx as their file extension. Examples of such files include log, twain001.mtx, twunk001.mtx and twunk002.mtx.

Once you have deleted all such files, restart your computer and your Brother printer should not only be detected but should also start working once your computer powers up.

Method 2: Clean your computer’s registry using CCleaner,

Should Method 1 not work for you, and fail to result in your Brother printer being successfully detected – a situation that is quite unlikely – an alternative proven solution for many Windows users affected by this issue is the use of CCleaner to clean up the affected computer’s registry.

Download CCleaner by visiting the specific website and clicking on the ‘Free Download’ button.

Install CCleaner.

Open CCleaner.

Navigate to the Registry

Put a checkmark alongside all of the items on the list in the right hand pane by clicking on the checkboxes.

Click on Scan for Issues and wait for the scan to be completed.

Once the scan is complete, make sure all of the detected issues have a checkmark besides them and click on the Fix selected issues

When asked whether or not you want to create a backup of your registry in its current state, click on Yes and save a backup of your current registry just in case CCleaner messes anything up and deletes registry entries or keys that are critical to your system.

When a dialog opens, click on Fix All Selected Issues. Once all selected issues have been fixed, close the dialog by clicking on Close.


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