NVIDIA Blackwell-Next Architecture to be Named after the Trailblazer of Dark Matter ‘Vera Rubin’, Planned for 2025

It is no surprise that NVIDIA’s upcoming B100 GPUs will be made using the Blackwell architecture. While we are still yet to see these GPUs, Kopite has already leaked the successor to Blackwell. Set to arrive in 2025, Blackwell-Next will be called ‘Vera Rubin‘. But this is just a name confirmation since NVIDIA has already teased this lineup beforehand.

Blackwell-Next in 2025: Vera Rubin Based R100 & GR100 GPUs

Starting off, Kopite initially confirmed that the Blackwell B100 and GB200 will be replaced by R100 and GR200 GPUs. It is notable to mention that NVIDIA did hint towards a successor as mentioned above.

This supposed Blackwell successor was given the letter ‘X‘. Kopite alleges that the letter X in NVIDIA’s own roadmaps will be replaced by R since it is just a placeholder. See the 2025 GPU lineup for more clarification.

NVIDIA Roadmap

Now, the question arose. What exactly does ‘R’ represent? Of course, NVIDIA by tradition names their architecture after a renowned scientist. The A100 resembled Ampère, the H100 resembled Grace Hopper, and the B100 is named after David Blackwell.

After digging up a few old Tweets (if that’s what people still call them), Kopite already gave us a clue ahead of time. This makes the face clear as daylight that R100 commemorates Vera Rubin.


Who is Vera Rubin?

Vera Rubin was an American astronomer who worked on galaxy rotation rates. Her work was crucial in finding the evidence for dark matter. In the scientific world, she is well-known for the galaxy rotation problem, dark matter, and the Rubin-Ford effect.

We cannot say for sure if the RTX 60 lineup will use the same naming scheme since that is too far off in the future. Likewise, we still are not sure if Blackwell will be the codename for the RTX 50 series.

Source: Kopite


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