BigFish Won’t Work on Windows 10

Ever since Microsoft released its latest iteration of the Windows operating system, Windows 10, it has been plagued with a huge number of bugs and problems. Users hesitated upgrading and there is a big number of them who have chosen to stick with either Windows 7, or Windows 8/8.1 and not take advantage of the free upgrade option.

One such problem is a number of games by Big Fish Games not working with Windows 10. Users have tried everything, from reinstalling them, to reinstalling the Big Fish Game Manager, but to no avail. This happens, and will continue happening for at least some time, due to the fact that Big Fish Games haven’t updated their games, and they are thus often incompatible with Windows 10. Should you run into such a game, you will witness black screens, resolution completely wrong, etc., and the chances of you actually starting the game, are very slim. However, there is one thing you could do.

Contact Big Fish Games’ Customer Service

Due to the fact that many users hesitate upgrading, a lot of developers have been slow to update their software to work with this OS. The only thing you can do, aside from waiting for the developer to update the software you need, is to contact them and let them know that there is one more person that is eager to use their product on Windows 10.

For this, and a number of other reasons, Big Fish Games have set up a customer service website that you can use to let them know you’d like their games on Windows 10, among other things.

Fill in the contact form with correct information and submit it. There is no guarantee that they will listen to your request, but if you’d like to do something instead of just sitting and waiting for them to release their games, this is pretty much the only thing you can do at the moment.


Kevin Arrows

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