Top 5 BEST Screen Recording Apps for Android (2023)

There are now many screen-recording apps available for Android devices, each with its own features, advantages, and disadvantages. In this article, we will explore five of the best screen recording apps available for Android, which help us make a better decision when choosing a screen recorder.

Best Screen Recording Apps Android
Best Screen Recording Apps For Android

1. AZ Screen Recorder.

AZ Screen Recorder can enhance your screen recording experience and take it to the next level. It has its own presence in the world of screen recorders due to its remarkable features and aesthetic interface.

AZ Recorder


  1. Allow internet streaming
  2. Show/Hide camera option
  3. Additional annotating functions
  4. Floating toolbar for easier access


  1. Premium video quality
  2. Free to use
  3. No watermark
  4. Unlimited recording length


  1. Not work well with lowend devices
  2. Requires subscription to remove the ads

2. XRecorder

If you are looking for smooth and clear videos through screen recording, then XRecorder is a great option for you. It helps you capture screenshots and record videos without any time limit. It provides ease for accomplishing your tasks by using the icons floating on the edge of the screen.

X Recordeerer


  1. Trim, Speed, Merge, Crop, and Rotate
  2. One tap screenshot
  3. FPS adjustment


  1. Energy efficient application
  2. Full and widescreen experience
  3. No lag


  1. Requires video segmentation for files over 2 GB recordings

3. Facecam Audio

Facecam Audio is an HD screen recorder that goes beyond the standard capabilities of screen recorders. With over 4 million downloads, this app has always been loved by its users.

FaceCam Audio Screen Recorder


  1. 3second recording countdown
  2. HD and SD screen recording
  3. Optional audio source
  4. Record face cam with screen


  1. Unrestricted recording
  2. No advertisements during usage
  3. Firstclass user interface


  1. Watermark with the free version
  2. Flash off automatically
  3. Consumes significant storage.

4. Mobizen Screen Recorder

Our last recommendation for the best screen recording app is Mobizen Screen Recorder. This app has received great reviews and has been selected by 200 million users globally, which makes it a worthy option to choose.

Mobizen Screen Recorder


  1. Offers the option to pick a resolution between 240p1080p
  2. Timetrack of screen recording
  3. Hide mode


  1. One-touch start/stop
  2. Size efficient
  3. Compatible with low-end devices


  1. Audio vanishes after saving the file.

5. ScreenCam

Screen Cam is an exceptional open-source screen recording application that is compatible with any Android device running Android Lollipop 5.0 or above. It is free to use and available for download from the Google Play Store, offering various customization options to adjust recording settings to your needs.

Screen Cam Screen Recorder


  1. Record internal audio with screen recording
  2. Allows seamless pause/play
  3. Multiple resolutions available
  4. Camera overlay


  1. Adfree control
  2. No root needed
  3. User-friendly interface


  1. Limited features on the free version
  2. Sometimes it experiences crashes, but it works fine after a reboot

With this information in hand, the decision regarding which screen recording app to choose for your Android device is now yours to make. So, delve into the world of Android screen recording and find the app that best suits your needs.


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