Top 5 Best Pastebin Alternatives

Pastebin is a widely-used online service that enables users to store and share text, code, or other content quickly and easily. It is commonly used for sharing code snippets, disseminating text-based information, and temporarily storing notes or data for convenient access.

Pastebin is particularly useful for sharing code where sending it in chat is not appropriate. For instance, if the code is too long are you’re using a service that has a character limit on messaged like Slack. You also dodge the chance of copying any unnecessary metadata along the way when copying the code from a chat.

Although Pastebin is a useful platform, there are newer and more feature-rich alternatives available. In this article, we explore the top five Pastebin alternatives worth considering.

ServicePrivacy & SecurityVersion ControlSyntax HighlightingExpiration & Access ControlCollaborationAccount Required
GitHub Gists✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
PrivateBin✔️ (Client-side encryption)✔️✔️
Ghostbin✔️ (Password protection)✔️✔️✔️ (Private pastes)✔️✔️✔️

1. GitHub Gists

GitHub Gists is a powerful alternative to Pastebin, offering a variety of features for users. Its main feature, version control, allows users to create and manage multiple revisions of their text. As a popular platform, it contains numerous helpful code snippets posted publicly. Gists support a wide range of programming languages, offering syntax highlighting for easy sharing and reading of code snippets.

Creating Gist on GitHub Gist

Creating a Gist on GitHub Gist is a simple process, and you can create private Gists that are only accessible to trusted parties. The platform also allows users to star and fork Gists, enabling easy discovery and reuse of code. To get started, create a GitHub account and explore its extensive features.

2. PrivateBin

For those seeking a more private space to paste and share text, PrivateBin is an excellent choice. This open-source program emphasizes user privacy and security, offering features such as client-side encryption. This ensures that content is encrypted before being uploaded to PrivateBin’s server, granting access only to intended recipients.

Creating Private Text at PrivateBin

PrivateBin also allows users to set expiration dates for their text, ranging from 5 minutes to 1 month. Additionally, a “burn after reading” option is available, causing the text to self-destruct once read. The platform supports three format options: Plain Text, Source Code, and Markdown. These features make PrivateBin a popular, secure, and customizable Pastebin alternative.

Plain text is a simple, unformatted text without additional instructions. Source code refers to instructions written by programmers to create software. Markdown is a lightweight markup language that allows for formatting using plain text syntax, making it easy to create formatted content without the need for complex coding or markup.

3. Ghostbin

Ghostbin is another feature-rich Pastebin alternative, offering a range of tools for sharing and managing text-based content. Its minimalistic website layout makes it easy to navigate, and users can save their language preference and expiration date settings for convenience. Ghostbin also offers password encryption to restrict access to your text.

Language Options at Ghostbin

Supporting numerous text and programming languages, Ghostbin provides an extensive range of language options. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward features make it popular among users looking for a capable Pastebin alternative.

4. is a unique Pastebin alternative designed specifically for sharing and executing code snippets. With support for over 50 programming languages, it is an ideal platform for developers to share and collaborate on code. offers syntax highlighting, line numbering, and the ability to download and run code snippets directly from the platform.

Some Languages Offered by|

The platform also features a collaborative mode, allowing multiple users to edit and work on code snippets in real time. Users can create private pastes with password protection, expiration dates, and restricted access to specific users or teams.’s focus on code sharing and collaboration makes it a popular choice among developers.

5. Hastebin

Hastebin is a simple and efficient alternative to Pastebin, offering a fast and easy way to share and store text-based content. It supports syntax highlighting for over 180 programming languages and provides features such as expiration dates, the ability to download pastes, and the option to create private pastes with password protection.

Hastebin webpage| Hastebin

Unlike GitHub Gist, Hastebin does not require you to create an account. Simply open the website, copy the text/code, save it, and share it using the URL. Its simplicity and focus on ease of use make Hastebin a popular choice among users who need a straightforward and efficient Pastebin alternative.


These are some of the best alternatives to Pastebin. Try them out individually to determine which one works best for you. Keep in mind that most of these services have an expiration date, so do not use them as a backup; instead, use them primarily for sharing text. Good luck exploring these options and finding the perfect Pastebin alternative for your needs!


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