One of the Best Final Cut Alternatives Finally Comes to Android and ChromeOS

One of the biggest advantages for iPads is the strong app support for video work. For example, for video editors there’s the Final Cut Pro which works extremely well on M1 powered iPads. Unfortunately for high-end Android tablet users, there’s not a lot of options for such use cases. Fortunately, LumaFusion, which is a proffesional video editing tool is finally available on Android. 

LumaFusion is very popular on iOS and has been available on platform since 2018, and even won the best iPad app of the year award last year. The Android version, however, was only announced last year, and developed with the help of Samsung. The Korean giant even showcased it with its flagship, Galaxy Tab S8 series and the video editing application was even exclusive to the device for a while. 

LumaFusion Showcased at Galaxy Unpacked 2022

The most powerful, award-winning video editor for mobile devices is now available in an early release beta for Android and ChromeOS! Now you can experience professional-caliber video editing with a fluid, intuitive and natural multitouch screen experience that is inspired by, and specifically designed for, the touch screen.

LumaFusion presents a simple, elegant yet powerful video editing experience, thoughtfully designed by post production industry veterans, and all within a fluid, intuitive and inspiring story-telling environment that’s literally right at your fingertips.

Along with an early access release on Android, Lumafusion is also going to be available on ChromeOS. Like Android tablets, even ChromeOS suffers from the lack of some productivity apps, and this should at least alleviate the video side of things. 

Part of the reason why LumaFusion is so well known on iOS is its comprehensive nature. Unlike most standard mobile video editors, Lumafusion is feature-packed and even considered a great Final Cut alternative. 

The service follows a subscription model and is priced at $30 per month on iOS devices. On Android there seems to be an early access price, and is only $20 per month at this point. If you are interested, you can check out the Android version on the Google Play Store, here


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