BEST Cydia Tweaks for iOS 9 to 9.0.2

There are several new tweaks available on Cydia for the iPhone supporting iOS 9 and onwards. Jailbreak apps and tweaks on Cydia are some of the biggest reasons iOS users choose to jailbreak their iPhones and they offer a wide variety of personal touch and customizations that normal apps do not provide on access. New tweaks allow iPhone users to update their apps and tweaks rapidly as the new evolving versions are released.

BEST Cydia Tweaks

BreadCrumsAway – breadcrumsaway is a new jailbreak tweak for Cydia on the iPhone that allows iPhone users the ability to get rid of the new “back to app” shortcut available in iOS 9 and switch to apps to their comfort.

UniversalForce – This tweak added as a complimentary new feature added to Cydia for iOS 9 it allows iPhone users to avail the “peep and pop” 3D touch feature on previous generation iPhone software’s.

BetterFivecolumnHomeScreen – With the new features of limiting the number of app columns to 4 only, this Cydia tweak allows iPhone users to have 5 columns of apps on their phone allowing more apps.

CCSettings – CCSettings is another new, great and free Cydia tweak that allows iPhone users to access new toggle bars in the control center for example using low power mode, taking screenshots and various others.

SpotlightBeGone – this particular tweak on Cydia allows that new spotlight feature troubling many iPhone users to be removed from the home screen on your iPhone and will make your iPhone feel faster and responsive than before.

Shortcuts – the use of this Cydia tweak lets you add shortcuts to apps that had none before such as Cydia itself, Safe Mode, Reboot and even the Shut Down option.

DockShift – Another new revised feature allows iPhone users to access 12 custom skins for their docks giving them a clean and chic look.

FaceDown – This allows your iPhone device to shut its screen off immediately if you flip your device around on its display screen and allows keeping away prying eyes all the while maintaining privacy.

lux –You get a notification late at night and you reach out for the phone to see, and suddenly your blinded by the high beam light radiating from the screen, F.Lux is a tweak on Cydia that lets the color and brightness of the iPhone’s display to adjust and adapt to the time of day and save not only battery but eyesore.

BlurryLaunch – another fun yet interesting tweak added to Cydia, which creates a small but smooth blurring effect on instigating the App Switcher on the iPhone.

BetterFourByFourFolders – Ever since iPhone users were able to add apps to folders allowing them to download more and more, this new tweak featured on Cydia lets them put up to 16 apps in one folder and allow them better filing and organizing space on their home screens.

Blurry Badges is another feature on Cydia for the current iOS 9 and up software, this one lets iPhone users blur their badges and also lets them be transparent, and assume the color and scheme of the underlying wallpaper. This tweak even allows you to add borders with varying thicknesses and colors directly from the settings menu for badges.

RevealNC9 – this tweak added on to Cydia allows iPhone users to have the Android style swiping animation technique in their notification center and allows them to experience that particular Android function from their iPhone.

NudeKeys is another new feature of the Cydia tweaks that lets iPhone users use colorful HUD for their keyboards.

Spin is also another custom built interface for the Cydia tweaks on the iPhone for your media on the lock screen.

GuestMode – particularly updated for iOS 9 it allows for a guest account on the lock screen that allows you to filter what other people using your phone can access, visualize and what they do not have permission to see. It is an exciting feature that keeps the users privacy first.

Rotary Lock is a fun tweak, which also provides enhanced security to your phone, since it provides a custom lock that looks exactly like an old rotary phone and is something exciting and new.

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BEST Cydia Tweaks for iOS 9 to 9.0.2

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