Intel Battlemage ‘BMG-G10’ GPUs Already in the Works at Intel Labs in Malaysia

Andreas Schilling, during a trip to Intel fabs in Malaysia, spotted many upcoming products from Chipzilla. This includes the new Xeon processors, Meteor Lake samples and even next-gen Arc GPUs.

Battlemage ‘BMG-G10’ Spotted

Intel’s next-generation of Arc GPUs will be codenamed ‘Battlemage‘. These GPUs are currently, slated to arrive sometime in 2024 although we haven’t heard anything official from Intel. Alongside Battlemage, team blue has a lot of other products currently in development.

Intel recently conducted a tour at its Malaysian fabs and invited a plethora of journalists and tech enthusiasts. Andreas Schilling, being one of the lucky ones set eyes on Intel’s next-generation offerings.

This includes wafers with Emerald Rapids (5th Generation Xeon) ‘XCC‘ CPUs. Moreover, the journalist also witnessed a 6P+8E Meteor Lake CPU with the C0 stepping. It is pertinent to mention that Andreas Schilling claims there are no major problems with the post-silicon process for Meteor Lake.

In the Failure Analysis Lab, a tray contained chips from the next generation of Arc GPUs ‘Battlemage’. This is a clear indicator that Battlemage is at least in the works. The chips mentioned ‘BMG-G10‘, which should be the Battlemage flagship and the successor to ACM-G10.

Intel Failure Analysis Lab | hardwareluxx

Note that Andreas Schilling has clarified that the press wasn’t allowed to take any images. So the picture you see above does not depict a Battlemage BMG-G10 GPU. Furthermore, the reporter was not able to see any chip(s), apart from a tray labeled ‘BMG-G10’.

What Do Know About Battlemage?

Thanks to a previously leaked roadmap by RGT, Battlemage is planned for early enabling by Q1 2024. The aforementioned ‘BMG-G10’ SKU is designated for the enthusiast segment and should be Battlemage’s flagship offering. However, since we have heard little to nothing about Battlemage yet, it is possible that the series is delayed to late 2024.

Battlemage Roadmap | RGT

Similarly, Lunar Lake (mobile-only series after Arrow Lake) will have its iGPU based on Xe2 (Battlemage). All in all, one can see the importance of Battlemage from the fact that Intel is dependent on the architecture for not just its dGPUs but also its iGPUs.

Source: hardwareluxx


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