Fix: avast Blocking League of Legends

League of Legends is a complex game with a complex client and you can always expect it to have some issues regarding your computer. The game’s developers have done a great job making the game in a sense that you will rarely experience crashes and bugs and the most important thing for you to consider is keeping your Internet connection as stable as possible because the game is unplayable with high latency. However, some of the programs and settings on your computer may cause some performance issues with League of Legends but they are quite easy to solve.

League of Legends Not Launching when Avast Is Installed

Antivirus programs, in general, can cause incompatibility issues with a lot of different video games and League of Legends is not an exception. Avast antivirus, in particular, is a program for which a lot of players have complained it’s causing a lot of problems. This problem caused League of Legends to fail to launch because Avast accidentally quarantined several LoL related files thinking they were viruses but that turned to be a false positive. However, you can undo the damage by following several simple steps:

Open Your Avast Antivirus

You should be able to access you antivirus easily. If is already open, you can locate it at your taskbar, right-click on it and select open. If Avast does not load on startup, you can always start it manually by locating it in Start. Windows 10 will immediately show you the list of all programs on your computer sorted alphabetically so Avast should be right there on the top. Click on it and wait for it to load since the process will take some time. You can also open the shortcut on your desktop if you have it.

Avast user interface

Locating League of Legends Files

It’s quite possible that Avast has mistakenly quarantine

d some of the core League of Legends files thinking they were viruses and that is a possible reason why you are not able to launch the game’s client. Luckily, you can fix it easily by selecting Scan >> Scan for Viruses >> Quarantine (Virus Chest). The quarantine button is located somewhere at the bottom of the page. When you open the quarantine you should notice some LoL related files. Restore these files and click “Add to Exclusions”. If some of these files have already been generated by the game, click Overwrite to replace these new files with the original ones that have been quarantined and launch the game.

Restoring a file from Virus Chest (Quarantine)

Another Solution

If this didn’t solve your problem or if you didn’t find any League of Legends related files in the Quarantine section of Avast antivirus, there might be another way in which Avast is affecting your game. It’s possible that Avast is still receiving false positives related to the game but it still didn’t take any action regarding them such as Quarantine but it still blocks them from launching. There is a solution for this as well.

Open you Avast antivirus by any of the ways we mentioned earlier. After that, go to Settings >> Exclusions. This is where users are free to put files which should not be looked after and which should not be scanned or registered as a threat. Don’t do this with any files for which there is a shred of doubt that they are viruses. Add League of Legends folder from Riot Games in order to exclude it from scanning. After that, close your Avast window and right-click on the Avast icon on the toolbar. Reset the shields by turning them on and off and your problem should be solved.


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