What Does ASL Mean on Omegle?

Users who use Omegle to chat with strangers for the first time will get abbreviations in chat that they have never heard of before. ASL or Age, Sex, and Location is a simple abbreviation used through chatting with strangers. It is common for people who never used chatting apps before to be confused about abbreviations like ASL. However, it is pretty simple to learn about it when you get used to chatting. In this article, we will show you the meaning and details of the ASL abbreviation.

ASL in Omegle

What Does ASL Stand For?

ASL is the short term for Age, Sex, and Location in online chat. There are too many people using Omegle and they like to talk to other people around their age or related location. ASL abbreviation in chat helps saving time and to ask three common questions from strangers. Most users on the Omegle platform are aware of all these internet abbreviations that help in chatting fast. This abbreviation did not start with Omegle but way before when there were just MSN and Yahoo messenger for chatting strangers.

When to Use ASL Properly?

This is used when the chatting is started with a stranger and right after greetings. Some users may ask for names, but most of the users will be using Omegle to be anonymous. However, sharing age, sex, and location is fine to share for some. A few of the users will just answer the age and sex, but not the location.

Using ASL in Omegle

People won’t use this kind of abbreviation on social media like Facebook or Instagram. That is because they have profile accounts that already provide some information that you ask through ASL.

What are Some Other Abbreviations Used on Omegle?

The internet abbreviations for chatting are pretty common these days. There are many other abbreviations similar to ASL. People like using these abbreviations to chat quickly, and without typing much. You will often see people using M for “male” and F for “female” after using ASL. We will list some other most used abbreviations that are used on Omegle.

  • BRB: Be right back
  • IRL: In real life
  • LOL: Laugh out loud
  • ROFL: Rolling on the floor laughing
  • IKR: I know right
  • OFC: Of course
  • NVM: Nevermind
  • WDYM: What do you mean
  • SMH: Shaking my head
  • YOLO: You only live once

There are many others that you will learn from others when they use it. Some of them are uncommon that only a few users will use and not others.


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