Apple Interested in Purchasing Manchester United

Apple is considering buying Manchester United for £6 billion, which would make the Red Devils the wealthiest team in the world. As they decide whether or not to buy out the Glazers, the California-based corporation, the biggest tech company in the world, maybe on the verge of adding United to their portfolio.

In a statement released earlier this week, United corroborated the astonishing report that the largest football club in the world is practically up for sale. With United now available, the Daily Star reported that Apple would be interested in buying the team for £5.8 billion.

With an annual turnover of about £400 billion and a global customer base, Apple is by far the biggest technology firm in the world. The California-based corporation was established in 1976 as Apple Computer Company, but it wasn’t until the twenty-first century that technology advanced and it became the first publicly listed US company to have a valuation exceeding £830 billion, or one trillion US dollars.

Image: Apple

Apple has never owned a football team the magnitude of United, but CEO Tim Cook is eager to investigate the possibilities that may arise from doing so. He will schedule meetings with The Raine Group and the other designated banks to supervise the transaction. It’s possible that as part of their effort to win over supporters, they’ll ask Apple to shoulder the burden for the construction of a brand-new, cutting-edge stadium that will be considered the greatest in the whole world.

Any proposed transaction would almost probably set a new record for the most expensive purchase of a football club ever made, far exceeding the price of £4.25 billion that a group of investors headed by Todd Boehly paid for Chelsea earlier this year. Tim Cook is the most recent in a long line of prominent people who have shown an interest in taking over leadership responsibilities at Old Trafford.


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