Android 13 will Include “Clear Calling” for Improved Call Quality

A new “clear calling” feature that “reduces background disturbances during conversations” is part of the Android 13 quarterly release’s first beta. On Twitter, Mishaal Rahman was the first to notice it. If you’re feeling confident enough, he also provided instructions on how to activate it for yourself without root.

The images shared by Mishaal note that Clear Calling works “on most mobile networks,” is “not available for Wi-Fi calling,” and “content from your call is not sent to Google.”

Rahman manually activated the technology that wasn’t supposed to be in the beta. Clear Calling minimises background disturbances during calls, according to the settings page. Owners of Pixel devices will be relieved to learn that calls’ contents are not transferred to Google for the noise reduction to function.

Clear Calling option mentioned in the “Sound & vibration” category | Image: Mishaal Rahman

Google’s “Clear Calling” May Make the Use of AI for Noise Cancellation

The feature wouldn’t transfer the content of your calls to Google which seems like it will probably use built-in AI/ML models to recognise and lessen background noise during calls. However, we are currently lacking any verified information on its internal operations.

For a time now, Google has been exercising its noise-cancelling capabilities. The first and most remarkable is using AI to muffle background sounds in Google Meet, such as clicking keyboards, cracking food bags, and barking dogs. The $199 Pixel Buds Pro, the company’s first active noise-cancelling earphones, were released, showing Google’s intent toward noise cancellation features.

Clear Calling is not active in the Android 13 QPR1 Beta 1 release, as was previously mentioned. So, even after applying the update, you won’t find it on your Pixel. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s accessible to users, and Google may release it in a later beta version.


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