AMD Reveals ‘Zen4C’ Based Ryzen 7040U Series, Meet the Ryzen 5 7545U and Ryzen 3 7440U

AMD has formally lifted the curtains on its Ryzen 7040U series today. Team Red announced its Phoenix Point APUs in January this year, however, adequate stock was unavailable until June. Coming under the umbrella of Phoenix 2, AMD has unveiled two APUs that make use of the new Zen4C efficiency cores.

Ryzen 7040U Revealed: Zen4C For Efficiency & Density

Ryzen 7040U integrates AMD’s Zen4C efficiency core into mainstream mobile solutions. Zen4C debuted with Bergamo, where AMD was able to fit as many as 128 cores for the EPYC 9754. Zen4C, is the density-oriented variant of Zen4, having a similar IPC but a smaller die size.

The new ‘Zen4C’ is effectively Zen4, but with reduced clock speeds and density-optimized libraries. Using TSMC’s 5nm node, AMD has managed a 35% decrease in die area, whilst maintaining an identical clock for clock performance.

AMD Zen4C Core | AMD via Anandtech

Phoenix 2 Set Ablaze

AMD’s Phoenix comes under two different brands: Phoenix Point and Phoenix 2. Phoenix Point is the base Ryzen 7040 lineup with all Zen4 cores. Pheonix 2 on the other hand, is not a new announcement since it has been seen before (Ryzen Z1). Anyhow, the Ryzen 7040U announcement marks Phoenix 2’s entry into the laptop market.

Series NameCoresiGPU CUsHas Ryzen AI?L2 CacheL3 CacheDie Size
Phoenix Point8x Zen 412x RDNA3
(Radeon 780M)
Yes1MB per Core16MB178mm²
Phoenix 22x Zen 4 + 4x Zen 4c4x RDNA3
(Radeon 740M)
No1MB per Core16MB137mm²
Credit: Anandtech (Slightly Modified by Appuals)

Meet the New Ryzen 5 7545U & Ryzen 3 7440U

Under the Ryzen 7040U branding, we have two new SKUs: the Ryzen 5 7545U and the Ryzen 3 7440U. The Ryzen 5 7545U packs 6 cores (2xZen4 + 4xZen4C) / 12 threads and can boost up to 4.9GHz. Likewise, the Ryzen 3 7440U hosts 4 cores (1xZen4 + 3xZen4C) / 8 threads and can reach 4.7GHz. Both APUs feature the same Radeon 740M iGPU with 4 CUs enabled.

Ryzen 7040U Series | AMD via Anandtech

A comprehensive chart from Anandtech reveals that AMD actually has Zen4 variants of the aforementioned two APUs. To keep things short, the new Ryzen 5 7545U (Zen4C) will now replace the Ryzen 5 7540U (Zen4). The Ryzen 3 7440U (Zen4) on the other hand, is present on AMD’s own website, although they reported (to Anandtech) that no such variant exists.

CPUsCores/ThreadsArchitecture DivisionBase FrequenciesTurbo FrequenciesHas Ryzen AI?iGPUiGPU CUsL3 Cache
TDP Range
Ryzen 7 7840U8/168x Zen 433005100YesRadeon 780M121615-30W
Ryzen 5 7640U6/126x Zen 435004900YesRadeon 760M81615-30W
Ryzen 5 7540U6/126x Zen 432004900NoRadeon 740M41615-30W
Ryzen 5 7545U6/122 x Zen 4
4 x Zen 4c
32004900NoRadeon 740M41615-30W
Ryzen 3 7440U (Unconfirmed)4/84x Zen 430004700NoRadeon 740M4815-30W
Ryzen 3 7440U4/81 x Zen 4
3 x Zen 4c
30004700NoRadeon 740M4815-30W
Credit: Anandtech (Slightly Modified by Appuals)

Performance & Release Date

A graph from AMD shows that 6xZen4 cores (Ryzen 5 7540U) are neck to neck against a 2xZen4+4xZen4C hybrid config (Ryzen 5 7545U). Zen4 scales better with more power, making Zen4C a perfect option for laptop designs.

Zen4 vs Zen4C | AMD via Anandtech

AMD’s Zen4C cores are already present in the market in the form of the ASUS ROG Ally. AMD hasn’t given a timeframe for when we’ll see the two new chips in action, but we anticipate an announcement from OEMs soon.

Source: AMD, Anandtech


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