AMD is Preparing its Own Video Upscaler for YouTube and VLC

All RTX users enjoy one special feature through NVIDIA’s software stack, RTX VSR. VSR or Video Super Resolution harnesses the power of AI through Tensor cores to upscale low-quality videos at a higher resolution. AMD too plans to launch its version of VSR using FidelityFX Super Resolution tech very soon, with support for YouTube and VLC.

AMD’s Version of VSR Coming to YouTube & VLC Soon

TweakTown claims that AMD at its pre-CES 2024 briefing introduced a competitor to NVIDIA’s RTX VSR. The report suggests that this will be a part of AMD’s Radeon Adrenaline software and will be a driver-based solution.

As of now, only YouTube and VLC are said to utilize this feature somewhere in the near future. Likewise, we have no confirmed release date and requirements. AMD did share a single image of what users can expect, where we see notable improvements, though one cannot pass judgment with just one frame for context.

AMD FSR Enabled VSR in action | AMD via TweakTown

The showcased picture displays a video frame upscaled from 720p native to 1440p. There is a significant reduction in artifacts and an eminent increase in video quality. Surprisingly, AMD’s CES event had no mention of this upscaler.

Our previous point remains valid and AMD will have to demonstrate this technology more prominently for us to give a conclusive judgment. In any case, it appears that RTX VSR is finally seeing some competition.

AMD is also partnering up with VLC to prepare a special version integrated with this upscaling technology. This is similar to how NVIDIA implemented VSR in VLC, giving users much more choice. As the technology rolls out, we’ll get more insight into its effectiveness and applicability.

Source: TweakTown


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