AMD Ryzen 8000 will Feature a Zen5 CPU and Navi 3.5 GPU Architecture, Leaker Claims

During the last Meet The Expert webcast, AMD released a revised roadmap that includes the AM5 desktop socket. @harukaz5719, a hardware leak detective, uncovered this. A 4-year plan to maintain the socket until at least 2026 has been confirmed by the corporation.

Ryzen 8000 series processors with Zen5 and Navi 3.5 architectures are featured on the updated plan. For one product line, AMD has not previously announced support for those architectures. The rumored specifications for AMD’s “Strix Point” next-gen APU silicon include either 16 or 40 CU, built on the RDNA3.5 architecture. A plan would verify the viability of bringing similar items to desktops in the future.

The RDNA 3 has been upgraded with the Navi 3.5, and its initial performance goals may be hinted at in the Navi 3.5. These tidbits point to an unsubstantiated G series processor for the upcoming Ryzen 7000 family.

Zen4 and Navi 3.0 for Ryzen 7000 desktop are also mentioned, which draws interest. As is well-known, the current Ryzen 7000 family only offers integrated graphics based on the RDNA2 architecture. This means that the AM5 socket will be able to run Navi 3.0 (also known as RDNA3) this year. The only product that comes to mind to support Navi 3.0 for the AM5 socket is the Phoenix APU, which is now being used in high-end laptops.

AMD Ryzen 8000 Roadmap | AMD through harukaz5719

In spite of the fact that AMD has not previously confirmed its plans for Ryzen 8000, the company has stated that it will release the next-generation CPU core architecture in three flavors: Zen5, Zen5c, and Zen5 with 3D V-Cache. The company claims that the 3nm and 4nm nodes will be used in the production of this lineup.


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