AMD ‘AM5’ Ryzen 7000G OPN Codes Revealed, With a Glimpse of the ‘Hawk Point’ Ryzen 8000 Lineup Planned for Next Year

Harukaze has shared a list of OPN codes for AMD’s upcoming AM5-desktop APUs. Likewise, the leak also lists a few Ryzen 8000-series (Hawk Point) OPN codes.

AM5 65W APU OPN Codes Leaked

AMD announced its Ryzen 7000 series of processors alongside the AM5 platform last year. Up until now, we have seen a large number of spinoffs in the form of APUs for the mobile and handheld market.

It appears that AMD is prepping to reveal a bunch of APUs for its AM5-desktop socket. Getting straight to the topic, Harukaze’s leak reveals a few OPN codes that indicate 3 different AM5 APUs, at least for now.

The Ryzen PRO-G series features 2 SKUs, the Ryzen 5 PRO 7500G (100-000001183) with 4 cores and the Ryzen 3 PRO 7300G (100-000001187). On the more consumer side of things, we have the Ryzen 5 7500G (100-00000931), which should have 6 cores.

OPN codes are used to distinguish one product from another. They are like a unique ID assigned to an individual SKU. They neither confirm any specs about the related product, nor any other details. However, they can be taken as an indication that AMD is mulling over launching these CPUs.

CPUsCores/ThreadsOPN CodeSocket
Ryzen 5 PRO 7500G4/8100-000001183AM5
Ryzen 3 PRO 7300G100-000001187AM5
Ryzen 5 7500G6/12?100-00000931AM5

‘Hawk Point’ Ryzen 8000 Spotted

Harukaze’s leak also spans across AMD’s ‘Hawk Point’ APUs. Hawk Point is not based on Zen5, rather it is simply a refresh of AMD’s current Phoenix offerings.

Hawk Point will be supported on the FP7R2 socket, similar to the current Ryzen 8040 (Phoenix) series. This should lower the overall platform cost. The 8040U series includes the Ryzen 3 8440U (100-000001325) with 4 cores and the Ryzen 5 8540U (100-000001326) packed with 6 cores. More SKUs are expected to be leaked in the near future.

CPUsCores/ThreadsOPN CodeSocket
Ryzen 5 8540U6/12100-000001326FP7R2
Ryzen 5 PRO 8540U100-000001329/100-000001331FP7R2
Ryzen 3 8440U4/8100-000001325FP7R2

When Should We Expect Them?

Hawk Point may arrive by CES next year, but do not expect a huge architectural upgrade. As stated above, Hawk Point is a refresh of Phoenix, and it uses the same Zen4 architecture.

The Ryzen 7000G series on the other hand will be a worthy addition to AMD’s Ryzen portfolio. However, we cannot be certain if and when AMD plans to unveil these CPUs. We’ll keep you updated if anything new pops up.

Source: Harukaze


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