All About Favorites In Internet Explorer 10

Using Favorites In Internet Explorer 10

In this guide i will walk you through Internet Explorer 10 keyboard short cuts, adding and using favorite along with viewing and setting up various explorer bars for ease of access while using Internet Explorer 10. Favorites are very useful to mark important sites for accessing them later on. It is  a must use feature for everyone as it makes life much easier to access sites instantly when you need them just by viewing your favorites list.

How to Add Websites and Pages to Favorites

To add websites and pages to your favorites, follow the steps below:

  1. Assuming you already have the page or site open that needs to be added to your favorites, the first step is to click the star icon beside the settings wheel.

Internet Explorer 10 Favorites

2. The next step is to click on the “Add to Favorites” button. You will then be prompted with an “Add to Favorites” pop-up menu. Click “Add” to place the webpage into your favorites.

3. In the ‘Create In’ section of the pop-up, you can also sort your favorites by specifying the folders where the favorite will be placed.

4. Alternatively, you may also add it using the shortcut by pressing the CTRL + D keys on your keyboard to access the pop-up directly.

Setting up the Favorites Bar.

Once set up, the Favorites bar will bring a box containing all your favorites to the left of Internet Explorer 10.

Favorites Bar

1.  To bring up the Favorites Bar, go to View > Explorer Bar > Favorites. By default, this option is hidden, but you can retrieve it by pressing the Alt key on your keyboard.

2. The shortcut key to bring up the Favorite Bar is Ctrl+Shift+I.

3. To add Pages to Favorites, you can also drag the site to the favorites bar.

Exporting favorites.

Internet Explorer 10 allows you to export and import favorites in case you decide to switch to a different browser, where you’ll need your favorites back, or you decide to change computers. This feature comes in handy.

To import or export favorites, follow the simple steps below.

1. Click ‘File’ (or press the ‘Alt’ key on your keyboard to pull down the menu).

2. Select ‘Import and Export.’

3. Select ‘Export To A File‘ and click ‘Next’.

4. Select Favorites and click Next.

Click Next. You will be shown the default location and the name, usually ‘Bookmark.htm‘, where the favorites file will be saved. Remember this location, as you will need it when re-importing Favorites or copying them when moving systems.

6. Click ‘Export‘ and then click ‘Finish.’


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