Meet The World’s First 600Hz Gaming Laptop

It is no surprise that a higher refresh rate equates to better gaming performance. That is especially true since you’re viewing more frames as each second passes. Though, we see diminishing returns as we go higher up. What if I tell you that next-gen gaming monitors will arrive with a whopping 600Hz display? BOE is readying a notebook with a 16-inch 600Hz display to take e-sports gaming to new heights.

600Hz Display

BOE, Beijing Oriental Electronics Group showcased its upcoming products at the World Display Industry Conference 2022. Alongside many other displays, the most noteworthy was their upcoming ultra-high refresh rate notebook(s). From the picture itself, the laptop is equipped with an ‘RTX GPU‘, possibly from NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace lineup.

While this is indeed fascinating, it may not be every GPU’s forte. Let us explain. Initially, outputting 600 frames each second is no easy task. Even the RTX 4090 will struggle to keep up in front of this demand. Secondly, 600Hz is not such a major upgrade from let’s assume 360Hz. Here’s why;

  • 60Hz -> 16.66 ms 
  • 75Hz -> 13.33 ms
  • 120Hz -> 8.33 ms
  • 144Hz -> 6.94ms
  • 165Hz -> 6.06ms
  • 240Hz -> 4.16ms
  • 280Hz -> 3.57ms
  • 360Hz -> 2.77ms
  • 500Hz -> 2.00ms
  • 600Hz -> 1.66ms

As shown, when you upgrade from 60Hz to 144Hz the input latency is reduced by almost 2.4x (16.66ms -> 6.94ms). However, when upgrading from 360Hz to 600Hz, the difference is minute at just 1.66x. Besides, the added cost nets out the pros of buying such a display. Either way, ‘any normal mobile RTX GPU’ cant provide you with a nice 600Hz experience, although a mobile RTX 4090 could spice things up.

Release Date

NVIDIA is aiming at CES 2023 to unveil the RTX 4070 Ti along with other mobile Ada GPUs. At that event, we may possibly obtain more information regarding these laptops and possible desktop-oriented 600Hz displays. Although, as stated above, you will need some serious horsepower to fuel a 600Hz gaming experience.

Source : ithome


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