5 Recipe Card Templates for Microsoft Word

Working with Microsoft Word has been made much easier ever since the templates by the software were introduced. Already built-in templates make us save so much time which we could have been wasting on the formatting of a certain document. Templates allow us to use that time more efficiently, and just add the details as per the template and as per your requirements for the document. Here are 5 Recipe Card Templates that can be used by you to make the best recipe cards.

1. Green Bordered Recipe Card Template

Green Recipe Card

These recipe card templates for Microsoft word are free of cost, easily available on the internet, and can be downloaded by following the simple steps as the website would guide you. I love how the recipe card looks creative, and simple both at the same time. When using a recipe card template, these are a few things that you need to be very sure of. You don’t want your recipe card to look too cluttered. If you are making a recipe card for an audience, then you must keep in mind that the reader should be able to read all the ingredients and methods on the card clearly without having any difficulty. This certain template does look like something that would keep the readers at much ease.

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2. White and Simple Recipe Card Template

White and Simple Recipe Card

This has to be one of the simplest recipe cards that I have ever seen. It is free of cost, available on Microsofts website for all the users out there. This specific recipe card template could be the best choice for someone who has a bunch of short recipes and can fit two recipes on one single page. What I loved the most about this recipe card is how it is just a plain white colored template, with just a dash of color on one corner which is the image that has been used to make the recipe card look more appealing. In my opinion, this kind of recipe cards should definitely be used for recipes that involve children chefs. They wouldn’t just enjoy cooking the meals, but would also enjoy reading the recipe on a cute recipe card. While the template is for two recipes on one page, you can always use a page for a single recipe. In the end, it is all up to how you want to use the recipe card template.

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3. Detailed Recipe Card Template

Detailed Recipe Card

So while I was surfing the internet for websites where I could download some really cool recipe card templates for Microsoft Word, I came across this website where I found quite a few card templates which I could use to keep a collection of my recipes. Yes, I love cooking too. I remember making those boring recipe cards back when I was in my high school I think, and I really didn’t know anything about templates back then. Now that I do, and now that I see some really amazing templates which I can use to keep my file of recipes all sorted, I think this has to be one of the most detailed recipe cards templates I have ever seen. This is more like an informative recipe card template which can be handed over to students, or people you teach cooking to so that they know the little details about what they are about to cook.

When you follow a recipe, you don’t just need to know about the ingredients or the method that will be used. Sometimes for a person who doesn’t know much about cooking or shopping for ingredients, might find this recipe card template to be very helpful as it informs the person reading it about the cost of the recipe, as in, how much would it cost the reader to make this dish, along with how many people would this certain recipe serve to. Not everyone is good at cooking for a larger audience, and recipe cards like these could really help such people with all this information. Just scroll down on the websites link and you will find this detailed recipe card template free of cost for you to download.

4. Black and White Recipe Card Template

Black and White Recipe Card

This has to be one of the simplest recipe card templates that I came across. For people who do not want to pay too much attention to the designing of the card, and want to make their recipe cards more direct and focused on the recipe and methods of cooking, then this has to be the recipe card template for you. It is direct, with all heading clear in black and spaces defined for the ingredients and the methods. All sorted like you would like it to be.

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5. The Perfect Recipe Card Template

The Perfect Recipe Card

This has to be the best out of the lot that I have shared here. I love the use of images in this recipe card template, and how the card is perfectly divided to keep the ingredients and directions clear. I think I would enjoy looking at a recipe card which looks this pretty. You can download it from here.


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