5 Best Chess Training Softwares

Chess is a very commonly played “two-player” game around the globe. It is considered as a game of intelligence since it is very much technical. So people generally believe that only a handful of geniuses can play this game. However, this is not true. Anyone who has the urge of learning this game can play it. All he needs is a little bit of guidance and some practice that will make him perfect with the passage of time.

Now you must be thinking that you need a physical trainer to teach you how to play chess. Surprisingly, this is also not true. The reason behind that is there are a lot of chess training software available out there that can help you in this regard. You just have to grab the one that best suits your needs. Therefore, we are here for you with a list of 5 Best Chess Training Software. Let us explore them all one by one.

1. Fritz

Fritz Chess is a chess training program with some of the most amazing chess training features whose access can be gained simply by creating an account on Fritz.com. Once you manage to create an account on this website, you can even access the other products and games by Fritz. This software is compatible with the Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems. The On-Demand Video feature of this software allows you to watch various training videos that guide you through all the stages of chess. You can also analyze the different positions of the chess board by making use of the Let’s Check feature.

Fritz Chess

The most fascinating feature of this software is Assisted Calculations with the help of which you can try out multiple different moves that can possibly be taken without actually moving your chess pieces. This helps you in taking the right decision. Once you will try out all the possible moves, you will be able to make a better strategy and then finally, you can move the actual chess pieces. Fritz also analyses your whole game throughout the time you are playing chess and once you are done, it gives you a Detailed Analysis Report on your performance that includes screenshots from your game as well as the suggestions to make it even better.

Fritz offers you three different pricing plans that you can choose right according to your own needs. The details of these plans are listed below:

  • Developer Plan- This plan is absolutely free of cost.
  • Standard Plan- This plan costs $60 per month.
  • Premium Plan- This plan is worth $500 per month.
Fritz Pricing

2. Chessmaster

Chessmaster is a chess training software that equally fulfills the needs of the naive players as well as of the experts. This software is compatible with the Windows as well as with Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo platforms. This software provides you with very helpful details regarding all the chess moves. The Training Mode of this software has the capability of analyzing your whole game and then presenting you with a Detailed Performance Report that helps you in polishing your skills.


It provides you with different Difficulty Levels of chess for multiple age groups. If you want to learn the basics of the chess game, then you can switch to the Fun mode of Chessmaster. Chessmaster has a full-featured Online Chess Module that helps you in training yourself for the chess game. The Chessmaster Academy is there to teach you some of the most simple yet intelligent strategies of mastering this game. Chessmaster has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface that helps the users in getting used to this product within no time. In order to know about the accurate pricing of this software, you will need to contact Chessmaster support.

3. Komodo

Komodo Chess is yet another chess training software that plays more like a human hence giving you a very natural chess playing experience. This chess engine is compatible with Chessbase, Fritz, Aquarium, Chess Assistant, Arena and a few other famous GUIs. Moreover, it supports, the Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android operating systems. Komodo also displays Animated Characters that actually move your chess pieces around the chess board. You can even access all the tutorials, videos and other helping materials very easily in order to learn the chess game even more quickly.

Komodo Chess

As far as the pricing of this chess engine is concerned, then it offers us the following two options:

  • Komodo 12.3- This version costs $59.98.
  • Komodo 12.3 + 1 Year Subscription- The price of this version is $99.98.
Komodo Chess Pricing

4. Lucas Chess

Lucas Chess is a free chess training program specially designed for the Windows operating system. Just like any good chess training software, Lucas Chess is perfect for both the naive players as well as for the experts. This software also provides you with the flexibility to play against various chess engines without even using the native Training Components of Lucas Chess. For Children, this software has a special Non-Competitive Mode in which the kids can easily learn the chess game with an extreme level of fun and enjoyment.

Lucas Chess

The greatest feature of Lucas Chess is that it provides you with a limited number of hints that help you a lot in winning the chess game. The Tutor of Lucas Chess is very efficient in analyzing all of your game moves. Whatever move you choose to take, the tutor suggests you an alternative if your selected move is already not the best one. Moreover, this software comes up with 36 different chess engines. Therefore, you can choose your opponent very conveniently.

5. Lichess

Lichess is an online chess training program with a highly responsive design. It supports Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Internet ExplorerMozilla Firefox as well as some other less popular web browsers. It allows you to create and play an unlimited number of tournaments. You can also keep an eye on your performance by making use of the Cloud Engine Analysis of Lichess. It provides you with a large number of lessons on the basics of chess training.


You can even watch different chess videos by accessing the Chess Video Library of Lichess. It also has an online forum where you can easily interact with your friends and opponents. Lichess is available in more than 80 different languages which enhances its ease of use to the fullest. In order to access this exceptionally admirable chess training program, all you need to do is to create an account on Lichess.org. Moreover, you also have the complete liberty of customizing the interface of this program according to your own taste.

Now you might be thinking that Lichess must be charging a handsome amount for all these amazing features. But, Lichess proves you wrong by providing you with a Free Account. However, you can also contribute to Lichess by creating the Lichess Patron account but the most exciting thing about Lichess is that the feature set of both the accounts is absolutely the same. There is no single feature in Lichess Patron that is not available in the Free Account. The cost of Lichess Patron is $5 per month but if there are some users who cannot even afford this petty little amount, then they can conveniently go for the Free Account and enjoy the very same features.

Lichess Pricing

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