This 4TB 5000MB/s Gen4 SSD Can Be Yours For Just $170

Prime Day is here and Amazon has some insane deals prepped for Prime members. Are you looking to upgrade to an NVMe SSD but can’t find seem to find the perfect deal? Maybe Samsung is too costly or Western Digital’s cheaper options are limited to Gen3. We’ve got news for you as Crucial is offering a 4 TeraByte SSD for the low low cost of just $170.

A 4TB Gen4 SSD For $170

Long gone are the days when you’d have to spend a fortune just to get a moderately fast Solid State Drive. SSD prices have plummeted in the last year, with some costing half their original MSRP. As such, Amazon has a plethora of insane deals.

Other vendors do have some decent options available, however, nothing even comes close to Crucial’s P3 Plus in the price-to-performance segment. For $170, you can avail a Gen4 4TB NVMe SSD. To put that into context, this price bracket is still considered moderate for many 4TB SATA SSDs.

The 4TB P3 Plus from Crucial, boasting blazing fast speeds of up to 5GB/s using the PCIe Gen4 protocol is priced at just $170. This deal is almost unbelievable since the original cost of this SSD, once Prime Day is over, is $225. Better yet, the P3 Plus originally launched for $400 (4TB variant).

Crucial P3 Plus 4TB For $170 | Amazon


The P3 Non-Plus similarly can be had for $159, but lacks Gen4 capabilities. Both SSDs are DRAM-less and use Host Memory Buffer (HMB) technology for write caching. The P3 Plus features a 176-layer QLC NAND from Micron and hosts the Phison E21T controller.

Using the PCIe Gen4 protocol, sequential read and write speeds can go up to 4.8GB/s and 4.1GB/s respectively. Thanks to the higher storage capacity, we see a TBW (Total Bytes Written) warranty of 800 TeraBytes (4TB Variant). The SSD is also covered by a 5-year limited warranty, alongside the 800TB TBW, whichever comes first.

Since QLC is in effect, the P3 Plus works best at higher capacities such as 2TB and 4TB. If you fancy higher sequential speeds while not planning to spend more than $100, the 2TB variation at $76 can be a reasonable purchase. Should you plan to buy this SSD, hurry up because this deal is only valid for Prime Day.

Source: P3 Plus, P3 Non-Plus


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