RTX 4090 Overclocked to 4.095GHz, Setting Another World Record

A few days ago, the RTX 4090 was seen breaking the 4GHz barrier. This world record has now been broken by CENS, who has overclocked the RTX 4090 to 4.095GHz.

RTX 4090 World Record

In a tweet shared by CENS, we can see the RTX 4090 clocked at 4.095GHz. While no images of the test bench have been shared, the overclocker is reliable and well-known in the community.

Using Liquid Nitrogen, the RTX 4090 from Colorful was pushed beyond the 4GHz barrier. The GPU temperature stands at -34.6*C whereas the hot spot is at -40*C. This is indeed astonishing as before both RDNA3 and Ada launched, it was rumored that RDNA3 would easily surpass the 4GHz limit.

RTX 4090 World Record | CENS

Various vendors including GALAX, Colorful, and ASUS have been competing against one another for these world records. The ASUS Matrix RTX 4090 when put under the hands of SPLAVE easily broke the 4GHz ceiling. However, Colorful has, yet again, snatched the crown from ASUS.

We are reaching the point where GPUs are clocking as high as CPUs from a few years ago. This is thanks to the advanced processing nodes and refined microarchitectures. GPUs in the future should offer such speeds out of the box, as was initially leaked with RDNA3.

Colorful can now bask in glory, but for how long? it won’t be a long wait until someone else takes this spot.

Source: CENS


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