Samsung’s Marketing Head Reveals Galaxy M Series Details – 5000 mAh Battery, Dual Cameras and more

Samsung Mobile India’s E-Com Marketing Head, Arjun Bhatia was interviewed today on C4ETech, a YouTube channel about smartphones. He talked about the latest M Series smartphones by Samsung which are to be launched on 28th January, as teased by Amazon India. He didn’t talk specifically about the specs or the design but Ashwin (the interviewer) still managed to get some worthy information out of him about the upcoming M series of phones including the M10, M20 and M30 phones.

Arjun talked about all aspects of the new budget devices by Samsung under the ‘M’ branding. He said that these devices are designed keeping the Millennials in mind, hence the ‘M’. The video included a number of students who were surveyed about what they expect from the new budget smartphones by Samsung and Arjun replied to each and every one of their expectations with what Samsung has in preparation.


The 1st student said that he looks forward to see a big battery in a budget smartphone from Samsung. Arjun replied that Samsung has fully prepared for the power requirements of millennials. He said that majority of the M series phones will come with a huge 5000 mAh battery and also claimed that in less use cases these phones can last even for 2 days on a full charge. He also said that Fast-Charging support is included in these smartphones with a speed equivalent to 3 times the normal charging speed.


The M series phones will come with displays starting from a 6.2 inch standard. There will be bigger displays in a few models too. Arjun also said that the higher variants will feature the Super AMOLED display tech. These smartphones will feature the Infinity U and Infinity V displays.


Most of the millenialls care about performance in their phones. Arjun said that the M series devices by Samsung are all about power, so the customers can expect higher end Exynos chipsets from in new budget smartphones. He said that these smartphones will easily be able to handle games and provide a lag free experience.


This is a department Arjun said that Samsung will nail with the M series phones. He said that the top end phone will come with a triple-rear camera setup and all the other devices in the series will feature dual rear cameras, even the least expensive one. The camera setup is supposed to include an Ultra-wide lens.


The most important part of the whole video, when asked about the pricing, Arjun said that the Galaxy M series will be focusing on 10k to 20k INR. We did not get any specific model names or prices.

The Galaxy M series smartphones will be launched on 28th January on The leaks so far have revealed a sub 10K INR (below $140) phone, the M10; the M20 and M30 devices are rumoured to be between 10-20k INR ($140-280). If you’re looking for an upgrade, we suggest you wait it out and take a look at what Samsung has to offer before making a decision.

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