More Witcher Games Coming? CD Projekt Confirms a New Copyrights Deal with “The Witcher” Creator Andrzej Skapowski

CD Projekt hit gold with Andrzej Skapowski and his brainchild, The Witcher series. The writer’s story and character continue to evolve even today with the recent most introduction to the online streaming world: The Witcher on Netflix. Spoiler alert, even reviewers claim it is quite amazing.

Andrzej Spakowski: The creator of The Witcher Novels

The Witcher series saw its third instalment come to the consoles as well. While these devices still couldn’t do justice to the beautiful title, it was quite an experience for the players. The title went on to bring CD Projekt Red quite a lot of critical acclaim as well.

According to a recent article on, the writer and creator Andrzej Skapowski spoke to a representative of Eurogamer. This was back in 2017.

While there was a long chat between the creator of The Witcher series and the representative, there was one part that was pinpointed by the article. It stated that the writer was quite sad about the fact that he didn’t make a deal with the studio to have a share in the profits when he had the chance. Perhaps he couldn’t have guessed how big the title would grow up to be. He instead sold the rights for a lump sum of cash.

New Development

The article suggests though that there have been certain developments in the case now. According to the article, this was a result of Andrzej approaching the government regarding article 44 of the copyright law. It was all this work that has lead the studio to release a statement.

They claim to have signed a brand new deal with the creator. They stated that this would strengthen their bond. While the agreement is under a NDA, it is safe to assume that some firm of profit sharing features are included. This also means that CD Projekt Red now own The Witcher in terms of video games, graphic novels, merchandise and board games.

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