ZOTAC Announces Specifications for Its RTX 4070 Ti Variants

With each day, the RTX 4070 Ti draws near. We have seen all sorts of leaks regarding the 4070 Ti, the most recent being the first-ever RTX 4070 Ti unboxing. Read more about that here. Recently, Videocardz has shared the specifications for ZOTAC’s upcoming RTX 4070 Ti variants. The source mentions that ZOTAC has announced 3 out of 5 of its variants for the RTX 4070 Ti.

The ZOTAC RTX 4070 Ti

The models in question are the AMP EXTREME AIRO, the Apocalypse OC, and the X-Gaming RTX 4070 Ti. 

The AMP EXTREME AIRO for both the RTX 4090 and the RTX 4070 Ti share a near identical design. This time around, however, the 4070 Ti AMP EXTREME AIRO can go as high as 366W. For some context, the base RTX 4070 Ti (FE) features a 285W base TGP. This particular model has a base frequency of 2.31GHz which on boosting can go up to 2.7GHz. This is a small of just 60MHz increase from the reference variant. 


Moving down the line, we have the RTX 4070 Ti X-GAMING OC and the RTX 4070 Ti Apocalypse OC. Interestingly, the Apocalypse 4070 Ti OC has a max frequency that is just 30MHz higher than the X-GAMING OC. Of course, the power consumption is higher (+16W) on the Apocalypse OC variant.

We have a few more images of the GAMING-OC variant mentioned above. This model stands out from all other GPUs, being flashy and colorful. The trio of black fans paired with a light-bluish shroud really makes this design unique. In addition, if you pay close attention, the design features graffiti-like elements, which is further confirmed if you flip over the card.

This is a large GPU, so you may need to make sure that your case can actually fit this GPU. Videocardz mentions that this model may be the first to feature a 16-pin connector. 

ZOTAC RTX 4070 Ti X-GAMING OC | Videocardz


The AMP AIRO EXTREME variant as per Videocardz will retail for 7299 RMB ($1060). Whereas the Apocalypse OC is expected to cost consumers upwards of 6699 RMB ($971). Last but not least, the new X-GAMING OC is listed for 6299 RMB ($931). 

The RTX 4070 Ti

The RTX 4070 Ti will ship with 12GB of G6X memory across a 192-bit memory bus. The 4070 Ti will make use of NVIDIA’s AD104-400-A1 GPU with 7680 CUDA cores. A memory speed of 21Gbps would amount up to 504GB/s of effective bandwidth. One should note that this GPU is considerably slower than the RTX 3090 Ti in raw raster performance. A modest TDP of 285W should not need a PSU change. Pricing-wise, the RTX 4070 Ti may cost consumers upwards of $899. Though, recent leaks claim that the RTX 4070 Ti may have an MSRP of just $799.

Source: Videocardz


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