AMD’s Zen 4 CPUs Showcased With Phison Gen 5.0 SSDs and Micron’s 232 Layer NAND

Today, Phison demoed its PCIe gen 5.0 SSD controller on an AMD Zen 4 CPU. Phison in cooperation with AMD and Micron launched its PS5026-E26 controller, codenamed ‘E26‘. These SSDs will come by September, in line with AMD’s Zen 4 announcement.

The performance metrics speak for themself, with the SSD reaching over 10,000MB/s in both read and write speeds. This is just the developmental phase of these drivers and on launch, speeds of around 11-12GB/s are planned.

PCIe Gen 5 SSD on the AMD Platform | Future

The test bench used consists of an AMD Zen 4 6 core SKU codenamed ‘100-000000593-20_Y’. As this CPU features the PCIe 5.0 interface, this may as well by AMD’s R5 7600X which leaked a few days back.

The new E26 controller uses Micron’s upcoming 232-layer TLC flash. Micron claims that the new NAND has increases of 100% more write bandwidth, 75% higher read bandwidth, 50% faster transfer rate and a 28% size reduction.

AMD also plans its version of Direct Storage named “Smart Access Storage” (SAS) using the same API. This will drastically improve load time in games, and most probably Phison’s SSDs will feature support for this new technology.

Phison’s E26 Controller | Phison

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